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Indoor or Outdoor Wedding Venues in Dubai

A Weddings are hands down the most important event in a couple’s lives, whether it be owing to its usually one-time occurrence, traditional and personal significance, the culmination of feelings of romance, love, and matrimony, or a combination of all of these.  And what would you prefer: indoor or outdoor wedding venues in Dubai?

Choosing your Wedding Venues in Dubai

Outdoor Wedding Venues Dubai

​Dubai is a young, promising, seductive and mellifluous city! A stunning mix of luxury skyscrapers, snow-white aery mosques, and azure sea. This city reminds of the old eastern fairy tale and journey into the future. You can endlessly explore it, be enjoying spectacular views, check out cozy bars and restaurants, indulging in a comfortable shopping and extreme pleasures. What we intend to provide you is a piece of trivia on some of the best outdoor wedding venues in Dubai.

Here you would want to go to bed and wake up, look out of the window from a bird's eye view to the green squares and plan pleasures of today and maybe even of your lifetime.  There are a plenty of nuptial spots in the UAE and it is especially pleasant to plan your future marriage here, to create your own rules for the organization for several reasons. Let’s find out why outdoor wedding venues in Dubai are so popular among thousands of newlyweds.

The Most Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Venues

As such, a great deal of planning and organization is going to go into making the day as perfect as can be. At the heart of all of these shortlists, possibilities, ideas and considerations are going to be a few things that are going to guide everything else.

The Budget And Venue

During the process of considering wedding venues in Dubai, you’re going to have to consider some of the aspects that will guide the process, and may in fact even help to cut down the list of potential places.First and foremost, the amount you have earmarked for the venue, and how many guests you’re going to invite. Both of these are equally important.
As tempted as couples would be to choose the best and the most expensive, this would also mean cutting down on other festivities and attractions, and there is little point in celebrating an event that exudes luxury in one aspect, but barebones in others.

Plan Well In Advance 

Since most wedding venues in the city have a limited capacity, you’re going to have to know exactly how many people are expected, before you can go through a list of the venues you like. Insofar as the logistics, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the most popular and sought after places are going to be booked several months in advance, so plan accordingly. Depending on the personal preference, of course, our suggestion, and one great way to save up on things like lighting and expensive décor are to choose a place that has an intrinsic aesthetic value, such as a courtyard with exceptional architecture. It will prove to be a great place to take pictures, while also adding an artistic dimension to the festivity. 

Why Dubai Wedding Venues are Special

Wedding Venues DubaiOnly in Dubai, you do not need to worry about whether there will be a good weather on the most wonderful and special day – more than 350 days a year for great mood, positive memories and wonderful photos and videos of your wedding. You do not have to worry about how to spend the day - boring car trip to Monuments and aimless driving in traffic jams are canceled! The range of activities and routes for photo shoots is limitless. Among the most popular wedding venues in Dubai are: snow-white yachts, unspoiled beaches, crystal clear sea, stunning limousines, light helicopters, desert safari and many other interesting things which will be more than enough not only for this special day but also for a memorable honeymoon, which may envy the best event agencies.

A banquet in the restaurant of one of the top and most elegant hotels in the world and, of course, one of the best Dubai wedding venues - another reason to look at this part of the world more closely. If you are supporters of the "marriage ceremony for two" then, after the official part, you can go to one of the coolest bars with live music performed by talented musicians and singers.

Besides the magnificent wedding venues in Dubai, there are a lot of places for relaxation here. It is unbelievable, but the level of spa treatments in the UAE is built to the highest degree. You can immerse yourself in easy going and carefree relaxation in specialized centers after the party. An ease and a lot of energy after the procedure may be applied in high-speed Ferrari Park, skiing from the top of dunes or exotic travel to the Bedouins. We will assist in the organization of the wedding and will realize all the wishes.

Outdoor Wedding Venues For Less Than 60

The Ritz-Carlton JBR

The Ritz-Carlton JBR

Ask anyone who’s ever been to Dubai, and they’re almost certain to tell you JBR was one of their favorite outdoor places to see. The Ritz-Carlton at JBR has a cozy terrace looking over at the horizon, and if your wedding is a relatively small affair, this place is going to deliver undertones of intimacy and family interaction few other places can. 

Conrad Purobeach

Conrad Purobeach

The Conrad hotel in Dubai personifies ultra-luxurious accommodation, but that isn’t all. Although best left to a small wedding for which you seek to spend generously, the Purobeach section combines the tranquility of the open sky and palm trees with a beautiful upper lighting ensemble, which will have your guests amazed throughout.

Dubai Creek Golf And Yacht Club

Dubai Creek Golf And Yacht Club

Some people just love the generous freshness of the creek and a lavish setup to pair with it, and needless to say, this combination is bound to impress. Situated conveniently within the city, the Dubai Creek has a number of suitable locations for a glorious outdoor wedding experience.

Dubai Polo And Equestrian Club

Dubai Polo And Equestrian Club

Remember that classic, rustic preference we talked about? Well, this is it. The Dubai Polo And Equestrian Club has an outdoor capacity for over 2000 guests, making it an amazing option for people looking to combine a large scale event with breathtaking scenery, and a nature-induced input in the form of the many polo fields and stables.


Dubai - perfect place to party

Above all, this modern megalopolis is a global shopping Centre - Dubai Mall is huge and incredibly luxurious. Tourists from around the world are attracted by a huge aquarium among shops, special taxis inside the mall, cozy coffee shops and bars which are convenient to wait for the next performance of Dubai fountain and make it a popular destination for the most romantic dates and bargains. Contact us and we will do our best to help you find the best wedding venues in Dubai!

Tip: If apart from the official ceremony and official part you also care about religious observance related to the wedding, the Emirates have not only exquisite mosques but also a beautiful Orthodox church located in Sharjah.

A Beautiful fairy tale about love in the Arab Emirates will finish as befits this fabulous story - fun and noisy wedding, which can become really unforgettable one with the help of Dubai wedding planner. After that, as usual, everything is just beginning.

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Be happy!