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A wedding in Dubai is a romantic adventure for the two

Destination Wedding, used to be popular among the European hippies. Instead of luxurious wedding ceremonies, they used to travel to distant beaches in other countries and enjoy their time there Then they would come back full of amazing experiences and emotions which they would cherish for many years.

But nowadays destination wedding has changed its original meaning. Instead of the wild beaches, we invite you to visit Dubai, the heart of the Middle East. You can have a luxurious ceremony, take a yacht trip, travel to the oasis in the desert and spend the night in one of the luxury hotels. Just like those hippies, you will bring the most amazing experiences and emotions back to your home.

Have a memorable wedding in Dubai

Wedding in Dubai may seem like an unattainable dream. A distant country, luxury hotels, lots of entertainment and always great, warm weather. One might get an impression that it is very expensive to visit U.A.E. According to experience we are sure that this statement is far from being true

To remove all your doubts, we prepared 5 reasons to have a wedding in Dubai:

  • It is no more expensive than your regular wedding at home. Often, the wedding is held in the hometown and on a grand scale with a minimum of 100 guests, a chic restaurant with a variety of dishes on the tables. This costs hundreds of thousands of rubles. The same amount of money can be spent on visiting Dubai having a wedding ceremony on the seashore or a yacht and travelling to an oasis in the desert. And there might still be something left for a delightful honeymoon cruising on the Gulf of Dubai Creek;
  • the abundance of romantic entertainment. U.A.E. caters to all needs and wants. Here you will find dozens of restaurants with exotic dishes, impressive Marin parks, hot air ballooning, and skydiving. Just in one day you can experience a wealth of positive emotions and memories for the rest of your life;
  • the atmosphere of true romance. Wedding in Dubai will fit best for the sensual couples that can subtly feel the ambiance around them. The classic east is manifested everywhere around here: Arabic ligatures in ornaments, white domes of the mosques, singing fountains. And amid all of this stand the skyscrapers, hiding behind the clouds. A fascinating scenery opens up from the observation decks of the skyscrapers;
  • always great weather. One of the most important days of your life will take place under the warm sunshine next to the crystal-clear sea. U.A.E. has great weather all year around, so even in the middle of the Winter you will find things to do in this amazing country;
  • surprise your friends and loved ones. Invite only the closest people. They will go to Dubai together with you where they will spend several unforgettable days. They will remember for a long time the exotic beach banquet in the tent, a trip on a yacht, a fun or a romantic wedding ceremony with a wonderful host.

United Arab Emirates has everything to make your wedding one-of-a-kind. You only need to choose what kind of entertainment and decoration you would like to have at the celebration.

Have you already decided or do you have some interesting ideas? Then get in touch. We will help organize everything at the highest level. There is no need to leave your place in advance. Simply arrive at the specified time and enjoy the pleasure day.

What we do for our clients

Our agency will take care of all the subtleties of the wedding planning in another country. You don't have to waste time searching for quality professionals or getting nervous, trying to flawlessly plan the most important day.

Our clients get:

  • script development, planning, and coordination of your wedding day. Share your ideas on how you envision the ceremony or the banquet. And we will bring them to life! Our agency handles not only classical and romantic weddings. We know the right decorators for themed events inspired by movies or books and we know the rights hosts for those who want to add some fun and humor to the upcoming holiday. Our staff will stay with you until the end and help coordinate the day so that you only get positive emotions;
  • staff selection. We know all the best musicians, decorators, photographers and make-up artists in Dubai. You only need to tell us who you would like to have at the celebration. We will find live music that will be pleasant to the ears. We'll provide professionals to create fashionable hairstyles and gorgeous makeup. We'll invite a photographer for the best pictures that you will want to include in a wedding album;
  • venue selection and design. We have researched all the restaurants and places of interest in Dubai where you can have a celebration. Our experts are ready to offer you excellent restaurants and hotels, taking into account a number of guests, or to prepare a tent on the beach. Everything will be decorated according to the scenario so that you feel the magic of the moment;
  • Searching for tools and equipment. Do the newlyweds want to take a ride on a yacht? Or do they want to see the light show? No problem, we all arrange it all. Camel rides to Oasis, scuba diving, evening in the Marine park, skydiving - you name it and we make it a reality.

And the main advantage for our clients is budget optimization. After developing the script and the specialist selection, we do everything possible to decrease your expenses without compromising the quality of the wedding.

This is a great opportunity to save and spend money on the upcoming honeymoon. After the wedding, you can linger in Dubai, take a cruise on a comfortable yacht, visit tourist attractions, enjoy the meals in the best restaurants and experience the Eastern culture.

Let the professionals arrange your wedding in Dubai

A wedding is an important moment in the lives of those who are in love. Even when the wedding is being held at your home, an unprepared person could miss a few details having ruined the overall impression of the celebration. You do not want to waste your time and efforts on the remote organization of the celebration? Then simply let us do it for you! And you will only have to spend your time on the fun, intense emotions and romance.

To finally establish a trustful relationship between us, we will tell you about 4 main ingredients of our professionalism:

  • creativity. We are literally continuously producing scripts for our customers. You share your ideas and we suggest the implementation. We do not use templates or reuse previous solutions to simplify the organization. We do all to satisfy your needs;
  • professionals only. This applies not only to our in-house experts. We collaborate with those who offers the best combination of price and quality for our customers. Everything must be perfect because we want to see you enjoy the magic of your wedding day;
  • everything to organize your celebration. We have everything you might need to create classic and unique decorations. We keep good acoustics and microphones for the hosts and those who enjoy karaoke. We'll find anything you need for you wedding: fireworks, light show, real exotic flowers, artists or even trained animals;
  • one step away from our client. We are always ready to help you. Got a new idea? Let us know and we'll figure out how to include it in the upcoming celebration. Want to find out the status of the preparation? Just dial our number. We will be right next to you for the entire duration of the celebration to make sure there are not even the slightest error.

Get ready for the brightest and most romantic adventure in your life. Have your wedding in Dubai and make it a true eastern fairy-tale just for the two of you. And for the closest guests that you would invite.