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A photographer in Dubai: we bring those wonderful moments back

Is there anything better than a wedding in Dubai? Crystal clear sea, yellow sand beaches, ancient neighborhoods and ultra-modern skyscrapers. The memories you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Capture the most important and joyful event. Enjoy those colorful photos with the array of romantic emotions and loving feelings. A simple glimpse at them will evoke an entire storm of joyful and pleasant emotions.

Do you want to make sure that the shots turn out great? In this case,  trust the ElegantMoment agency. You can order photo and video shoot of a wedding or a romantic Love Story in Dubai. So that when you get back home you will take back not only the joyful mood but also the memories.  They will last for the rest of your life as vivid images or as a quality video.

We know the best cameramen and photographers in Dubai starting at just $150. The pricing depends on what you would like to get as an outcome. We can make all your dreams come true: to find an affordable photographer with the specialty in warm and cozy photos. Or to find a seasoned professional so that the photos could be put on the magazine cover right away.


Dubai is full of ideas: from a classical love story to a pre-wedding trip in the desert

A photographer must feel the vibe of the newlyweds at the wedding and catch the ebb and flow of the celebration. Only then the shots will become vivid, warm, and glowing with emotions.

And the best way to get acquainted with a cameraman or a photographer is to have a pre-wedding photo shoot. And it doesn't necessarily have to be a rehearsal of an upcoming event. Why limit yourself to simple ideas?

Let your wildest fantasies come alive in the land of the Oriental fairy tales! Immerse yourself in the enchanted atmosphere of the UAE and depict a true Love Story.

Sincere emotions, loving looks, and inspiring shots in the different parts of the city and beyond. You will have an entire album dedicated to answering only one simple and complicated question: how did you meet your significant other? What emotions did you feel when you talked to each other, or after the brief meetings, and accidental touches?

Don't worry, you won't have to be shy in front of the camera. Because we partner with experienced photographers who know how to reveal the emotions of their clients. They'll help to relieve your tension, relax, and open up to genuine feelings that create a romantic mood.

The best locations and ideas for photo shoots in the UAE

Even a beginning wedding photographer could find locations in the UAE where you can make original and memorable photos. Needless to say, the professionals we work with are just full of ideas.

All you need is to say what's on your mind or what you would like to see in the end. And you'll get a bunch of ideas. From a trip to the oasis in the desert to a photo shoot in the ancient catacombs under the Atlantis the Palm Hotel. From a yachting adventure to a beautiful romantic dinner in a cozy beach tent. From the breathtaking shoot in the The Observatory Lounge up at great altitudes to the vivid photos in the Skyview Bar.

And these are just a few photo shoot ideas that most couples love. But we never limit neither your nor our imagination. Imagine the perfect photos and the atmosphere. Now, tell us everything that came to your mind. And we will figure out how to translate these ideas into reality. We'll find a way to make even the most unusual fairy tale a reality.

We want you to transfer yourself to Dubai right now. In your head. Feel the amazing atmosphere of the city. The atmosphere that you can take back and sink into it at any time, show it to your friends, children, and later on to your grandchildren.

The secrets of a successful photo shoot from the ElegantMoment agency

We know that shooting a Love Story or a wedding in Dubai must go without a hitch. That is the whole point of our job to make sure you only have unforgettable and pleasant experiences. We developed a secret formula to create an ideal event and now we're ready to reveal it to our customers.

So, this is what is required for an ideal wedding photo or video shoot in the UAE:

  • a romantic idea generator. You tell your ideas, thoughts, and desires. We immerse ourselves in them to come up with the best locations and scenarios. All you have to do is hear us out, pay an imaginary visit to the UAE and say: "This is the option we like the most."
  • professionals with various experiences. We're not going to tell you stories how we are collaborating with the best photographers in the world. We are not. We work with experts who love their jobs. Instead of telling hollow stories about their professionalism they're continually improving. They create magic for sweethearts, making the shots special and filled with emotions;
  • a photographer with the proper character. It is simply not enough to choose a specialist based on the budget because it is disrespectful to the feelings of the newlyweds.  You have to immerse yourself in a romantic moment, explore a couple's character and then find a photographer or a cameraman who could think in the same direction. We find the experts who are ideally suited to you. Making sure they can understand the magic of the moment and feel the hidden ideas and desires;
  • always be there. We do everything to make sure that the shoot is perfect and it leaves only a pleasant impression. We think about the essential details in advance  - from renting the décor and animators to picking the right place. But at times something could go "not-as-planned." And then we'll be there, your practically invisible assistants, who fix the problems on the fly. For you, everything will go smoothly. And only at night, our teammates will share the stories about how they heroically saved the day.

Memorable photo shoots in the distant desert, romantic photos in the historical districts, a photo shoot on a skyscraper in Dubai or something else. We are ready to execute any of your ideas. Even if they are unique and very unusual.

The ElegantMoment agency exists to bring you delightful experiences. Would you like to get lost in the atmosphere of UAE or just to learn more about the photo and video shoot in this far eastern country? Then get in touch! We will be happy to answer all your questions and help to start planning for the upcoming romantic photo shoot. 

The cost of a local photographer/videographer strats from AED 750 (USD 200) per hour. On average, the duration of the wedding day is from 8 to 12 hours.