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Amazing Beach Wedding in Dubai

Gardens and parks, the best banquet halls, mind-blowing holiday pleasures and thousands of entertainments in Dubai attract newlyweds from all over the world. This ultra-modern city on the shore of Persian Gulf is incredibly romantic and wonderfully suited to make your Party a fairy tale. A few tips from our agency will help you to organize a beach wedding in Dubai and implement your most daring wishes.

Beach Wedding in Dubai

Planning your Party

UAE has deserted tropical climate and almost as much sunny days in a year as there are in the calendar. The period from October to April tends to be the most suitable for organization of celebrations, anniversaries and beach weddings in Dubai, but if the heat does not scare you, then other months can be considered. Due to this you don’t have to torture yourself in the wool suit with a vest or a dress with a rigid corset but can dress in the lightest and delicate fabrics. On the background of the blue sky, sea and white sand you will be irresistible. By the way, to add the eastern look, bride hands can be painted with delicate patterns. Henna painting looks like a ligature of expensive lace.

Invite Your Near and Dear:

Potential guests of beach weddings Dubai should have many questions regarding their transport and accommodation. Not two weeks before, but at least two months, if you plan to pay for their travel and accommodation. In any case, it is advisable to arrange guest accommodation in the same hotel for ease of transfer and further transportation around the city. If guests will pay for their own travel, you need to warn them at least 4 months in advance, so that they have enough time to sort out. Following are questions of concern.

  • Visa.
  • The possibility of passport expiry.
  • Booking flights and hotels.
  • Getting holidays from work.

Invitations to the Marriage party should specify the format of the celebration, exact location of the party (sea, shore) and dress code if you are planning to arrange a pirate party or retro party. It is better not to appoint beach wedding Dubai agency on the day of arrival in the UAE. Give yourself and guests time to look around the city, get used to the climate and the environment. Advice to brides: try not to burn on the sun on the first day so the wedding photos are spotless. Possibly it is better not to sunbathe at all before the ceremony, as much as you want to plunge from the harsh winter in the alluring sea - white stripes from swimsuit on red skin do not look very attractive. However, a sea is a wonderful background for photo and video shooting and it perfectly conceals small errors.

Beach Weddings Dubai

Luxurious Beach Wedding

Beach weddings Dubai - a symbolic ceremony of incredible beauty, without formal binding of marital status by signatures. Bridal bouquet can be complemented by starfish, shells and corals. Bright umbrellas will look wonderfully on the sea background.
We wish you happiness!

The Wedding, This Day is yours

The stunning coastline with white sand, gentle sound of the surf and sunset of the stunning beauty - it's the perfect setting for such a romantic ritual as a Marriage. The team of ElegantMoment wedding agency professionals will share their secrets, how to look 100% at +35 degrees, when the feet are buried in the warm sand and dress loop tries to fly with albatrosses in the azure sea.

The Most Beautiful

Let's start with the most beautiful heroine of our celebration - As usual, the bride and her costume are the main attributes of the beach wedding in Dubai:
Here the principle of "the simpler, the better" is appropriate. Basically, it refers to the cut because it is better to choose thin, light and natural fabrics. An ideal model would be in the style of "Empire", the Greek tunics, sundresses with thin straps, A-silhouettes with beautiful fabrics and exquisite lace inserts.

  • Accessories: transparent, weightless veil and scarf. They will beautifully flap in the wind and give more space for fantasy when taking pictures.
  • Shoes: remember about the shifting, sandy foundation underfoot and choose perforated ballerina shoes, open sandals with a flat base or decorate feet imitating shoes - decoration which is attached to the fingers.
  • Hairstyle: should be created taking the wind in mind, salty splash, moisture and heat. The best option would be the flowing hair of medium length or fancy braids, decorated with flowers and beads.
  • Makeup: moisture-resistant, using tools to prevent rapid "melting" of cosmetics without sequins and pearl.

The Most Elegant

Groom suit must also fit Dubai weather. Traditional solid jackets and trousers will create the effect of a good sauna, extremely undesirable on such a wonderful day. Therefore, as in the case of a lovely bride, we suggest light, thin fabrics that dry quickly without spots as well as loose, not close-fitting silhouettes. Style can be any of the below:

  • Casual: breeches or classic trousers with shirts. You can tuck the sleeve to the elbow, adding negligence and chic or initially choose practically short sleeves.
  • Classical: straight pants and stylish jacket (Blazer). The latter can be replaced by an elegant and bright silk waistcoat.
  • Sport-Chic: pants or shorts with sporty elements in conjunction with a polo shirt or a stylish T-shirt - an interesting option for young and dynamic.
  • Shoes: excellent option will be soft suede moccasins, comfortable sandals or affordable and fashionable sneakers. In addition to clothing, it is worth thinking about the beauty of nails - wedding walk sea implies a focus on the exposed areas of the body.

My Close Ones:

At the beach wedding  Dubai all pieces of advice given above are relevant for all the guests – you can spend a long time on the shoreline with comfort and pleasure only in comfortable and "breathable" clothing. Superfine cotton, delicate flax, transparent chiffon and smooth silk is not only pleasing to the skin but also look great on photos.
Advice for newlyweds: you can provide guests with flip-flops during the ceremony on the beach and after that they can return to the hotel or banquet hall in their shoes. In addition to flip-flops ladies will be pleased to get a luxury fan - it gives a pleasant coolness and facilitates the task of beautiful location of hand for photos and video.
By following our simple but very effective tips, you will enjoy the great weather, sea walk and, of course, one of the best beach weddings in Dubai!