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Birthday in Dubai is an unforgettable holiday for children and grown-ups by Rainbow Kids Events

Birthday Party Planner in Dubai


Birthday is perhaps the most important holiday in one's life. Especially for children. Everyone wants to see a true miracle - bright colors, lots of fun, exciting contests and delicious treats. Then adding to this blend: warm sun, the sound of the crystal-clear sea and the many kinds of entertainment that the magical east has to offer. Your child and you will remember a Birthday in Dubai and for many years.

Our agency can help arrange a marvelous holiday. We will take care of all the hustle, find the venue, facilitators, and all the essential equipment. So, you can relax and enjoy the new experience.

Children’s birthday party: from the Pirates of the Caribbean to Star Wars

All kids love fairy tales and adventures. Boys like to imagine themselves as pirates, Jedi or other heroes fighting the villains and searching for ancient artifacts. Girls often want to become princesses or fairies always surrounded by animals.


Give your child fairy tale for a day! A birthday boy will remember a themed party with his favorite characters, heroes and relevant contests. Our agency will take care of all the top notch arrangements creating a great atmosphere.

Imagine all the invited children and their parents. While adults enjoy delicious treats and fruits, the kids are:

  • having fun in their favorite environment. The beloved characters from movies and games are looking at you from the posters on the walls. Familiar music is playing, and there is a "Jedi desert” or an "Indiana Jones" cake on the table. Any child will surely appreciate such an immersion into a favorite atmosphere;
  • participating in exciting contests. Experienced entertainers implement even the most unusual ideas. Contests developed specially for the celebration and fun activities with prizes fit perfectly into the atmosphere, even if you plan a party based on the "Cold Heart" cartoon.
  • dressing up in costumes and putting the aqua makeup on. There are no longer ordinary children in the hall. Now they are all mighty wizards, hobbits carrying the ring to the Mount Doom, the noble Jedi or the mighty Siths. We know experienced make-up artists, who will be able to apply beautiful makeup to the children's faces safely.


We will select the souvenirs specifically for the contest. Guests will be enchanted by these little memorable gifts.


When kids get tired, a delicious table will be waiting for them. Fresh fruit, sweet desserts, tasty canapés. The birthday cake will be the highlight of the program. Experienced pastry chefs will be able to turn it into a real artwork. Did your child always want to see a castle from his favorite cartoon, and then eat it? We will help this dream come true!​

Adult birthday parties - fun, unforgettable and special

Not only children could appreciate a unique birthday party. Are you planning to celebrate an anniversary or would you like to just make your celebration unforgettable? In this case, welcome to Dubai. We can provide hundreds of options on how to make your celebration more interesting.

Not yet inspired by the charm and limitless possibilities of the magical east? Then just envision:

  • a fun hotel party. Spend a pleasant evening in the banquet hall in a beautiful hotel. Treat yourself and your friends to delicious cocktails, climb to the observation deck. You will see the impressive city scenery, where the old architecture is joined by modern skyscrapers. Pleasant and relaxing evening for those who want to enjoy the eastern hospitality without extra momentum in the celebration;
  • a journey through the desert. Can't sit still and constantly in pursuit of new experiences? Take a ride the powerful Jeeps in the endless dunes. Take a camel ride and go in a caravan to the nearest oasis with crystal water and fragrant flowers. Take off in a hot air balloon. And then conclude your evening with a pleasant conversation at the table on the seaside with lots of treats;
  • a trip on a yacht. For those who do not have enough room in a hotel or a restaurant. A yacht sail in the vastness of the sea will be an unforgettable experience. It is a perfect option for a birthday celebration with few guests. Invite only the closest people and enjoy the views of a sandy beach and the city horizon, take a deep breath of the fresh sea air. We'll bring on board fresh fruit, delicious drinks, cake and other dishes catered to your taste.

There is much more entertainment in U.A.E. for all tastes. Visit the Marine park, together with your guests. Enjoy the evening at the cocktail bar at the skyscraper's observation deck. Have a blast at the nightclub or take a ride in modern sports cars on the deserted roads.

We know everything Dubai has to offer. Simply tell us about your wishes and we will offer you a relevant celebration program.

5 reasons to trust us with your birthday celebration

Are you ready to go to Dubai and spend an unforgettable day there? Then let the professionals handle the necessary preparations. 5 reasons to contact our agency:

  • an explosion of ideas. Still can't decide what you would like to see at your Birthday? Are you torn between a flight in a hot air balloon, a sky-dive or a visit to the Marine park? Or are you thinking of having a theme party? Just share your wishes with us. We will immediately begin to generate ideas and offer interesting programs. From theme children parties to the experience pursuit for adults. All you will have to do is choose the option you like;
  • we decorate a hall as if we were doing it for ourselves. Our designers are familiar with most of the themes used for birthday celebrations. And they will quickly immerse into a new atmosphere if you want to arrange an unusual celebration. Walls will be decorated by themed posters, banners, balloons, ribbons, garlands and much more. We will create an environment according to your wishes;
  • we know where to get all the necessary equipment. We provide our clients with microphones and audio for karaoke nights, we look for lighting equipment for the performance artists and everything else that is essential for a memorable party. We know whom to collaborate with so that everything is perfect, and you do not any issues in the midst of fun;
  • we know all about entertainment in Dubai. You have just expressed your idea or wish and we already figured out how to make it happen. We can always offer several options for a simple party, the best places for the yacht trips, we will help you rent a car, arrange a camel ride or a trip in a hot air balloon. Be amazed at the eastern hospitality when you entrust us with your celebration;
  • the organizer is always in touch with you and is right next to you during the celebration. You can get in touch with us at any time to discuss the ideas or find out about the status of preparations. And even when all the camels have lined up in a caravan, and the yacht is ready for mooring, we do not abandon our customers. A coordinator in charge of the overall celebration will always be beside you.  And even if something unforeseen happens, you will never find out. We will take care of the problem before it ruins the fun.

Get ready for the most memorable Birthday in your life. Mark the anniversary or treat your child with a trip to Dubai and enjoy the eastern hospitality. We will take care of all the details so that you can relax and enjoy.