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Sound and lighting equipment

Having the right equipment to provide high quality lighting and sound is essential to the perfect occasion. Good lighting ensures excellent photographs and video with distinct lighting accents on the wedding interior. A professional high quality sound system makes it easy to listen to the officiant’s voice, gives just the right volume and maximizes the beauty of the musical accompaniment. When you are choosing the lighting and sound characteristics for your wedding, we recommend that you discuss them with the photographer and the videographer, the officiant and the DJ. One of the guests may wish to surprise you with a compilation of photos and videos clips in which case a projector and screen space will also be required. Sometimes the hotel or restaurant venue will provide all the necessary equipment but in the case of other venues, expensive equipment is hired from specialist companies.

We will assist you in sourcing high quality lighting and sound equipment in Dubai, recommending firms we have collaborated with previously who specialize in wedding ceremonies. Our agency will also hand pick a team of professional lighting artists and audio engineers according to your needs. No detail is too small when it comes to planning your dream wedding!