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Event decoration: from classical balloons to theme parties

Wedding, Birthday, Baby Shower or any other event simply requires theme decoration. Balloons on the walls, names of the newlyweds, favorite characters on the cake or a special photo corner - these all are the components that create the atmosphere of joy and fun. Trust us with the decoration of your celebration and get a charge of good mood not having to waste your own time looking for great decorators.

We create a unique design for each holiday. All you have to do is share your ideas, thoughts, and desires with us. Would you like a Harry Potter-themed wedding? Would you like to arrange a Mexican corporate party? Are you envisioning your engagement in the atmosphere of the magic Alladin's Agrabah? We will make your every wish come true, we will find or create the right decoration and invite experienced decorators.


Fresh ideas for your holiday decoration

Many of our customers just want to spend a special day in the heart of the East. We have dozens of classic design options for them. But some do not want to be limited to the familiar decorations. And we are pleased to offer a unique solution to them! Would you like to immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere that can be created through the right decoration of the venue? Then picture the following 4 unusual decorations:

  • Marvel style wedding. All your guests have already prepared costumes. Here is Tony Stark himself with the luminous "heart", here are Thor and Hulk at the desert table, and the Black Widow is greeting the newlyweds. Now add theme decorations. In the rear, there is a photo corner with Professor X estate in the background. Ribbons and balls are decorated in the Avengers team colors, Captain America's shield is made of flowers. Unique sweet baskets are already prepared for the kids, they are decorated with drawings of favorite characters;
  • corporate party of the future. Stone-age or mafia-like themes have become obsolete. Transport yourself into future. The decorations on the walls leave the impression that they got here directly from 30-century. Drinks are served in futuristic glasses and all appetizers are placed on the fantastic plates. Add to this the proper illumination or even a light show. And here you are with your employees no longer in exotic Dubai but in the distant future;
  • the Sultan anniversary. Remember a wealthy Sultan from "Aladdin". And now, put yourself in his place.  There is an elegant tent spread around you. The entrances are covered with semitransparent cloth. You are sitting on the soft carpets, walls are decorated with bright flowers. Nice oriental music is playing in the background. All this creates the essential mood to let you feel like a real ruler who is capable of anything;
  • fabulous Baby Shower. The celebration for a mother-to-be is almost always decorated in theme related to childbirth. But you can try to impress all guests. Does a future mom like good fairy tales and their modern adaptations? In this case, we will create a design from exquisite fabrics on the walls. We will install a photo corner with ivy stone wall imitation. Combine this with hundreds of balloons with your favorite characters and an abundance of artificial or natural flowers. And the atmosphere of fairy tales is here.

We can offer virtually infinite number of ideas. Does your child like the famous cartoon about magic ponies and friendship? We will create the atmosphere of travel to Equestria. Do you like "Lord Of The Rings"? We will help you visit the Shire and the Hobbits. Do you prefer to see the tale of Aladdin at your celebration? We can easily send you to the city of Agrabah.

When we decorate events in Dubai, we implement the most complex and bizarre requests of our customers. There is no problem for our professional staff to create the atmosphere of your favorite universe or a tale at your celebration.

Also, you can choose one of the hundreds of traditional decoration options.

From the popular balloons to posters and full-sized figures

The hall decoration is a real art. Just with a small number materials, we can create flowers, beautiful ribbons, garlands, put additional light in the hall or simply highlight the area where the main characters of the celebration will be located.

For the decoration, we use:

  • balloons-from conventional diverse colors, used for compositions and column decorations, to glowing balls that are loved so much by children and many adults;
  • paper- it can be used to create garlands, flowers or birds and decorate the table for the birthday boy or the newlyweds;
  • fabric-of different transparency and colors, it is great for contrasting ribbons, tent entrances and supplying the desired feeling to the Hall;
  • flowers-artificial and real, depending on your preferences. They can be used to create floral arches, columns, stairs, graffiti and cutlery design;
  • posters and images on dense cardboard-have proven themselves during theme weddings and birthdays. They could help greet the hero of occasion, put the real-size figures of the favorite characters in the hall, decorate an amazing photo corner.

 We are the place to order a hall decoration for an event in Dubai in any style. We'll develop an exciting concept according to your desires, then we will explain and demonstrate it in as much detail as possible. Immediately after the concept approval, our experts will begin the preparations.

You bring ideas, we decorate

Our company is comprised of creative people, who get much enjoyment and fun from decorating the celebration hall. Here are 3 reasons to trust us:

  • hundreds of classical options and an infinite number of original ideas. Do you want a conventional wedding and birthday, designed according to traditional principles? We will do everything according to your wishes. Do you want something amazing and you have ideas but you do not know what the hall should look like? Share your ideas with us so that we could create several decoration options to choose from. Do you prefer to dive into the atmosphere of your favorite universe? Name us a book, a movie or a game. We will immediately picture and describe your dream hall;
  • decorators with imagination and skill. An outlined and aligned idea is passed on to our skillful staff. When the time comes, they will start decorating a hall or a tent. Soon you will witness the appearance of columns, decorated with balloons, colorful ribbons made of delicate fabric, paper flowers and swans, posters and much more. Everything will look perfect. We are sure about that;
  • access to the essential materials and equipment. Our agency has been working in Dubai for a long time. Therefore, we know where to get even the rarest fabric, print a full-sized figure of your favorite Hobbit, or order the posters. We collaborate only with those who are willing to offer a combination of high quality and best prices. All of this is done for the pleasure and benefit of our clients.

Have you already developed an idea of decorations at your wedding, corporate party or birthday party in Dubai? In this case, get in touch and tell us about your dreams! We will make them come true with an unforgettable celebration with new exciting experiences.