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Cars and yachts

Dubai has perfectly even motorways that lead straight to the soothing embrace of the sea. At ElegantMoment we recommend making the most of this geographic advantage to create your fairy-tale wedding. Luxury cars such as Rolls Royce, Bentley and Mercedes are long-established symbols of luxury. Cars with a spacious saloon, comfortable seats and air-conditioning are just made for travelling. Let us escort you from the airport, organize a car ride around the city at night or take you on an exciting jeep-racing tour through the endless desert.


The snow-white yacht represents another exclusive option. How better to conclude a symbolic wedding ceremony than by swimming in the open sea, relaxing in a comfortable cabin and having dinner on deck with a view of the sunset and city lights. Why not spend the second day of your wedding tour at sea and add a light buffet lunch and trendy DJ to the incredible service on offer. A dance party on deck is wonderful entertainment for the newlyweds and their guests. Contact us for more detailed information on the latest offers on yachts. We will secure the best option for you depending on your wedding tour dates and guest list.


Fairy tale about wedding car

Wedding cortege – no wedding can be imagined without it. Cortege attracts the attention of everyone who sees it on its way, causing many smiles and positive emotions in adults and children. Luxury, prestige cars, decorated with wedding attributes is the business card of your celebration and important point of wedding organisation plan. Not to be mistaken with its choice, it is worth considering a few simple and effective tips.

In numerical order

Lets count guests. The number of transport units depends on it. If there are no more than 40 guests, we will suggest a few luxury cars. Roomy and comfortable limousines or royal Rolls-Royce will add a good feeling on the road. Their elegant and perfect forms will emphasize the beauty of the celebration and of the one to whom all eyes are attracted today - stylish snow-white bride.



Solemn ride through the streets of the city or reckless pursuit on the highway? Incidentally, the latter is not uncommon. Luxury sports car, for example, an elegant Italian Ferrari, coupled with the excellent road is able to give a lot of fun not only for newlyweds, but also for the guests of wedding in Dubai! For city trips the best cars would be Bentley or Rolls-Royce. They are equipped with everything you could want: music and TV, comfortable seats, a bar with cooled drinks.

The wedding

Even if you do not follow our wise advice and ride Ferrari around the city and perfect stretched limo on the highway, you'll be fine. If your wedding is far away and you want to surprise your loved one today – please let us know! Romantic date or a marriage proposal to which the chosen one will be taken by a luxury car, will certainly lead the two of you in the magical, wonderful fairy tale. Do you remember how the fairy tale ends? Of course with fun wedding!

Pick up-drop off by Rolls Royce starts from AED 1000 (USD 270).

Loftiness of feelings and relationships. Helicopter ride.

It is possible to get a bird’s-eye view of Dubai and its outskirts if you decided to have a helicopter tour. A light graceful dragonfly with steel wings will raise you above the fantastic megalopolis, the desert and the sea – and will become your magnificent wedding cortege. Alluring? Then let’s fly!


The sensation of soaring above the past, present and future of Dubai brings to you a feeling of infinite delight. Such a present will be a real highlight, that’s why adventure gifts and organisation of wedding anniversary see a surge in their popularity. If you add a marriage proposal to this, your fiancée will be literally in the seventh heaven. You’ll have the whole “World” (the famous archipelago project, which consists of islands in the shape of a world map) and the beautiful Palm Islands with a hotel Atlantis under your feet. Some more sea – and the most famous skyscrapers of Dubai will appear in front of your eyes. Marvellous shapes, bright neon colours. Would you like to snatch a glimpse at the life of real sheikhs? Golf club, stables and bathhouses for pure-bred trotters are situated on large Arabian acres and create a stunning impression. The Bay Creek accommodates hundreds of pink flamingos, while the emerald Safa Park seems unbelievable, if you remember that only forty years ago it was a dry lifeless desert. Time flies by in a wink as the happiness takes no account of it. If the wedding dinner is waiting for you in the luxurious Burj Al Arab or in the magnificent Atlantis, then reliable and powerful engine will carry you directly to the restaurant.

Flight and wedding in Dubai with ElengantMoment: nuances

The helicopter tour is meant not necessarily for two. Its cabin can hold six passengers. The two of them will sit down behimd the windshield – these are the most fascinating seats with a great panoramic sight. The other four are loosing a little in arrangement, - nevertheless, all the passengers will get a lot of impressions. If you decided to share your happiness with your friends, we’ll organize an extraordinary tour for all your invitees with great pleasure because we can manage wedding organisation perfectly! There is one more important thing: the best photos and videos from the air are taken in winter, as the air becomes more transparent and therefore it allows you to make fantastically beautiful shots. Dubai is also very beautiful after dark: the bird’s-eye view of lights and decorative illumination look magically! Skyscrapers, bridges, Dubai fountain and road junctions, glowing with neon colours draw futuristic pictures on the ground and the sea surface.

May your love be so miraculously bright and long as patterns on the oriental carpet!

If you have from 15 to 20 guests, then you will need 55-65 ft (16.5-20 meters) yacht, price starts from AED 1000 (USD 270) per hour. 30-40 guests will need at least 88 ft (27 meters) yacht, which price is from AED 3000 (USD 815) per hour.

Also we are pleased to offer you the organization of a walk or celebration of the event on a yacht with a capacity of up to 250 people