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Coordination of the wedding day

Issues of organization crop up at any wedding. This is when the exact sciences of timing and logistics come to the fore! Precision in timing and logistics enables us to make swift decisions about who, when and in what order guests enter or leave the ceremony venue and restaurant guest area. It is essential that all movements of the newlyweds, the wedding guests, artists and inventory be thought through and planned to the very last detail. The roles of the officiant and DJs have to be carefully coordinated. The overall number of guests has to be taken into account with regard to parking facilities. The lack of 'lost' items and unreconciled situations is a strong indicator of a well-organized event.


To the onlooker, it will appear as if the ceremony is going perfectly smoothly without any glitches or interruption. Only the coordinator and organizers will ever know how much work goes on behind the scenes to create the perfect running of the event. We work continuously from the very first moment, to the very last moment and the very last guest. Choose a luxury car, yacht or hot-air balloon. Wedding itineraries and venues to match. Be prepared to relax and enjoy yourself. ElegantMoment will make your Dubai wedding unforgettable!