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Preparation of wedding estimates

Dreams start where your wedding budget begins. A rational approach is essential to making the most of your money. A huge budget does not necessarily guarantee a stylish, elegant ceremony, nor does a modest budget mean that the only option is a boring holiday. Unplanned spending, unnecessary purchases and saving on components essential to the wedding's success is one of the most common mistakes couples make when planning their own wedding. It is not about making mistakes so much as a simple lack of experience. Experience is the one thing our wedding specialists do have and we will share it generously with you helping everywhere we can. You won't overpay for services you are not familiar with, nor will you end up striking something essential off the list. We will calculate the cost of every tiny detail. You won't have to deal with unscrupulous contractors or the stress of waiting twenty-four hours before the photographer returns your calls.

Our entire database of proven wedding venues in the United Arab Emirates and expert in all areas of the wedding industry will be at your complete disposal. Working carefully within your budget, ElegantMoment wedding planners will smoothly manage the venue, venue decorations, musicians and entertainers. We love nothing more than to create the fairy-tale wedding.

Every wedding day is unique for us, like the couple itself, so for each of you we develop an individual scenario of the day, we select a venue, plan and make a list of necessary services and develop an individual concept. Below, we give the approximate cost of a wedding day in Dubai.

The cost of the symbolic ceremony for two starts from AED 13,000 (USD 3,500). This price includes a ceremony at the 5* hotel, the wedding manager, the decoration of the ceremony venue, photo shoot, make-up and bride's hair style.

The cost of the wedding for a company of 20-30 people will be from AED 92,000 (USD 25,000) and above. This price will include a ceremony at the 5* hotel, a light buffet, dinner at the hotel in private room, decor and floristry, photo, video, make-up and bride hair style, yacht trip, DJ with sound and lighting equipment.

With an increase in the number of guests, the cost increases for food / drinks, this is on average AED 650-750 (USD 180-200) per person. Also, the venue has to be bigger, accordingly the volume and level of technical equipment increases. For such events everything have to be considered separately and carefully developed in accordance with the technical requirements of musicians, if any.