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Corporate parties in Dubai - make your employees happy

A corporate party is a great way to build relationships and raise the team spirit among employees.  It can take place during major holidays or during a traditionally low season when there is less work for your company.

Have you noticed that your employees are no longer so eager to go out in the country for the usual event and few people are willing to take their spouses along?  It is time to bring some diversity in the way you celebrate traditional holidays.

Our agency will organize an event that will be appreciated by all your employees. Even if your company has already been present in U.A.E. for a while, you may not even imagine the variety of amazing entertainment, blood stirring adventure and great restaurants with delicious cuisine. So, trust us with the organization of your corporate event.  We know everything about entertainment in Dubai: the best and affordable venues, interesting tours and adventures for any number of guests. Our experts will take your inputs into account and will give an estimate for the corporate event.

We do corporate event planning not only for the U.A.E. based companies but also for the guests from other countries. Take your employees to Dubai. The unforgettable vacations will help them cheer up and bring a wide range of delightful experiences. Your employees will work better because now they know that the company cares about them!

We will arrange everything from the desert safaris to banquets

During corporate parties, it is important to take into account the overall interests of the employees. With this approach, everyone will be equally engaged having fun.  To achieve this, our agency is continuously searching for new ideas implementing the most interesting scenarios.

There is plenty of entertainment in Dubai for all tastes. Your employees can:

  • enjoy a pleasant evening in a hotel's banquet hall or a restaurant. Enjoy the amazing views of Dubai, try exotic dishes and just mingle in an informal atmosphere. Not enough? Then we'll come up with a unique scenario! Mexican party, "snow" holiday in the heart of the hot East, Las Vegas or "mafia" style adventure of the 60s America. Decorators will create the perfect ambiance and facilitators will engage you in relevant contests
  • go on desert safaris. Is your company full of active employees who can not sit still? Then get ready for the adventures in the desert. We will arrange Jeep tours with sand flying out from its wheels, or leisurely camel walks to immerse into the eastern ambiance. The evening will conclude with a yacht trip or a visit to a restaurant where cold drinks and exotic fruits are already waiting for you;
  • take a walking tour of Dubai's places of interest. For active groups who prefer to spend time in the city. Taking your preferences into account, we will develop a program of visits to aquariums, viewing sites, and tourist attractions. Alternatively, we invite you to visit the best night clubs and restaurants, so that you can enjoy your time and relax, appreciating the eastern hospitality.

These are just a few popular options. Do you want more? Something unique? Please do not hesitate to contact us! Share your thoughts, ideas, and wishes with us. We will prepare a corporate event tailored to your taste. We will find relevant experts, cars, yachts, and balloons. We have plenty of experience to implement your most exotic ideas.

Meeting new partners - let them fall into the eastern charm

Corporate events are not limited exclusively to shiny and fun parties. In Dubai, you can also do serious business, hold negotiations and informal meetings with partners. Do you know your partners well enough to understand what they really like? In this case, tell us about it and we will arrange a high-level meeting.

Our experts will help book a restaurant or arrange an informal sail on a yacht, where you can discuss business in a relaxed environment. If your partners like adventure, we will help you make sure your friendship and partnership are even stronger. We'll arrange a trip on deserted highways in powerful vehicles or a sky-dive.

It is important to maintain a balance between formal and informal during such events. And we know how to do it. Our experts will pick the best places for lunch, business discussion or a relaxed conversation. Simply tell us everything there is to know about your new business partner and his preferences.

We arrange corporate events of any complexity.

We can provide our clients with anything required for a corporate party. Virtually nothing is impossible. Our staff will:

  • rent venue and equipment. We will book a restaurant, a banquet hall, a yacht or any other vehicle. Everything will be ready for your arrival;
  • find music and acoustics. Want to hear you favorite timeless hits? We will find good quality tracks and equipment so that the music sounds great even in a big hall. Ready to immerse yourself into the magical Eastern world? We will find live performers, who will entertain you with great music the entire evening;
  • arrange all the entertainment. Would you like to see trained animals or exotic dancing? Do you need a host for contests or would you prefer to travel in the desert with local nomads? Regardless of the task, we will find the right people. We have an extensive expert database for all types of entertainment. And they always deliver their best for our clients;
  • find a hotel for you. Arrange exquisite accommodation, taking into account the budget and your preference. We always select a hotel so that you not only enjoy your stay at the hotel but also the commute to all the events is comfortable.

There are virtually no impossible tasks for us. We have thoroughly researched Dubai and all the entertainment it has to offer, so we know what to offer to our clients.

5 reasons to trust us with your corporate event

Rest assured, we know how to organize a memorable corporate event. Because we:

  • are creative. Constantly generate new ideas and scenarios. Our customers only need to tell us about their tastes and we create a list of what we can offer based on it;
  • know U.A.E. and Dubai. Every single day we are looking for new entertainment and venues which our clients might enjoy and find interesting. We only work with those who offers the best service to our guests;
  • will find even rare equipment for your event. Would you like to surprise everyone with the light show, fireworks, or simply with great music? It does not matter, we will put it all together. Our team knows where to get the best sound, lighting and other equipment for your corporate event;
  • know all the relevant professionals. Would you like a one-of-a-kind event? We will find the right professionals to make it happen. The best hosts, creative designers, organizers of sailing, camel, and off-road trips. We know them all and will offer you only the best;
  • monitor the event progression. We stay with clients until the end of the corporate events. Our staff monitors the entire event. Should a problem arise he will resolve it without you even knowing about it.

Have a legendary corporate party in the best eastern city.  We'll help make it memorable, unique and fun!