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Development of scenario and plan of the wedding day

Every wedding is unique, just like the story of how you met. All professional agencies helping couples in love organize their big day in the United Arab Emirates are familiar with this saying. So, tell us about you! The details of how you met, your first date, funny stories and the things you like doing together can serve as the foundation for a fabulous wedding ceremony script. Dubai was just created to make your dreams of the perfect wedding come true. Dubai has an abundance of luxury settings and scenes. Warm seas, snow-white yachts, incredible hotels and expensive cars will complete your celebration. Our officiants will be there to help you choose that special something from all the exciting options on offer.


Our experience coupled with your ideas and wishes will create the uniquely distinctive wedding ceremony that you have always dreamed of.  No tedious speeches or boring games! Imagine, fantasize and create the happiest day of your lives! Enjoy every moment that you spend together and leave all the problems of venue, restaurant, musicians and decor to us. Our wedding day plan starts from the moment you step out onto the passenger stairs of the airplane and ends with a fantastic firework display on the backdrop of the ocean waves.

Stages of wedding planning:

First meeting: 

Presentation of our company and services, discussion of your requests and general format of an event. General guidelines for prices.

Signing a contract, making a deposit payment.

Second meeting:

Choosing a venue for an event. We will offer you a choice of different places for your celebration taking in account all your wishes: picturesque gardens, beautiful halls, coast, exotic desert.

Development of a wedding concept. Discussion of common wishes and visions of your wedding day. Drawing up an approximate program of the day, a general concept and theme.

Discussion of services and other details. Entertainment of your wedding day: dance show, live music, fire show etc.

Venue confirmation. Working over a menu. Meeting with decorator, discussing all your wishes for floristry and decoration.

Elaboration of a detailed concept for decor, with following presentation to you. Development of invitations. At this stage the decorator prepares the concept and style of your wedding day (decor and floristry, ceremony decoration, ballroom decoration). A detailed presentation is being prepared, indicating all prices and options for each element of the decor: flowers, table setup, printing materials etc. 

Providing you information about all services and approving it:

Photo and video

Live band / DJ

Sound and lighting

Stylist and make-up artist

Show program


Meetings with MC, manager of show program, musicians

Providing you a primary quotation, which includes the entire list of approved services and decoration.

Finalisation and approval of the quotation. Prepayment of 70%.

Working out and approval of the evening program with MC.

Organisation of food tasting. Organisation of trial make-up and hairstyles (on request).

Approval of timing of the day.

Final meeting, final discussion of all matters, approval of final guest and seating plan. Final payment.

Enjoy your wedding day!