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We at ElegantMoment believe that India is rich in its culture and traditions and the native people love the art of celebrating occasions keeping in mind the same. Thus, we are considered the best Indian wedding planner in Dubai as we have excelled in organizing Indian weddings as per the will of our clients. Our planners believe that marriages are made in heaven and meant to be cherished forever. We respect the uniqueness of every Indian tradition and propose venues that dwell with their beliefs. Moreover, we can cover any type of Indian wedding in Dubai, making it the most auspicious day of your life.

Indian Wedding in Dubai


Roka is among the main rituals of hindu wedding festivities. Enthusiasm, energy, enjoyment, the Roka is full of these 3Es where the maternal uncle of the bride offers sweets, gifts and blessings to the bride and pledges to support the family financially for the wedding.


Haldi is the one of the auspicious pre-wedding ceremonies that symbolizes purity, health and new beginnings. The family and friends participate in this fun ceremony at the places of both the groom and bride.


Mehendi is followed by Haldi ceremony and is celebrated just before the wedding day. It is a sign of positive spirit and good luck. The medicinal property of henna also keeps the bride cool and relieves her stress.

Pool Party

A pool party is organized by our Indian wedding planner for relatives and friends who have traveled a long way for the wedding. It is a rejuvenating event for all the guest to enjoy the luxurious amenities and natural surroundings.


Sangeet is held before the wedding day. It is a full on entertaining event with music and dance. Our planners help to put up a show with amazing performances of the bride & groom and their family members and friends.


Baarat is the major attraction of Indian weddings and marks the arrival of the groom on the wedding avenue. It is just like a fairy tale as the bride waits for her groom to come on a horse. We help our client to arrange horse carts, bands, dhols and music for making it a stunning experience.


By exchanging the Varmalas, a beautiful garland made of fresh and pious flowers, the bride and the groom accept each other as their better halves and take a step forward to the wedding ceremony.


We plan the Indian wedding in Dubai by considering all the requirements of Phera reception, where each phera has its own meaning and promise that unites the bride and groom as husband and wife. The ceremony takes place around the fire that binds them for life.


Reception is an event where the groom and bride appear as a married couple for the first time and experience the feeling of being together. Introducing family members, celebrating marriage, gifting, and feasting, make this event a memorable one for all.

After Party

ElegantMoment India Wedding Planner Dubai also organizes an after party celebration for everyone once the wedding is over. The planners help the guest to experience a vibrant and cheerful time after the long day of festivities.