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Proposal in Dubai

You have probably read a few dozen ways to make a marriage proposal to your girlfriend, thanks to Internet access. Some made you laugh, some good pieces of advice may have shocked you and a few were not entirely original. Some of them seems quite worthy for your girlfriend when she will become the grandmother of your grandchildren, to tell them proudly about the way how grandfather proposed to her. This topic can be endlessly continued, but our agency would like to offer our version - we have individual scenario development, which is focused on your couple only and preferences of the one who will surely say "Yes, I will!”. This scenario includes a chain of pleasant events which will take you to the eastern fairy tale with the heady scent of the salty sea, fragrant flowers, and sweet fruits. It's really luxurious! For those who are interested we offer the following options for marriage proposal in Dubai

1. Up in the sky! Extreme version: invite your girlfriend to jump with a parachute and at the moment of free fall you show her a poster with the proposal. You can also pose in flight on camera with poster and your girlfriend waiting for you on the ground, receives a photo with treasured caption. Box with a ring should be taken with you to complete proposal effectively after landing. Following her agreement, we will be happy to organize a wedding in Dubai for you.

2. While in Dubai, you cannot miss a trip on a snow-white, comfortable yacht. A table for two and flowers decoration should be booked in advance, but do not disclose your card immediately. After enjoying the sea and panoramic views of the megalopolis, go into the living room. Further developments may differ. Live music and ring in a glass of champagne or sounds of the sea and the classic box - it is your decision

3. Continuing the marine theme, you can make the proposal in Dubai on the beach, at the edge of the turquoise clear water. Create a mystery - send a luxury car that will take her on a night tour, the most romantic in her life. Decorated table, the sound of musical instruments and sound of the sea will be elegant and worthy background to the words: "will you marry me?"

4. Romance of the Desert. Go to safari in the desert. Exciting race through the dunes will take you to Bedouins, who will happily provide a beautiful white purebred camel and you can say the most important words on the yellow sand.

5. Flash mob, a very effective way to make a proposal in Dubai, especially when it is not expected. For example, make staging dance with a group of dancers in a snow-white lobby of the hotel at the end of which you fall on one knee with flashes of cameras and open the box with a ring. Dance flash mob at the edge of water turns spectacular: by the sea or fountain. You can sing a song in the bar from the stage to the accompaniment of a guitar or piano, completing with proposal to marry you.

6. Swimming with dolphins. You can go for a swim with dolphins and ask the trainer in charge to make one of the dolphins deliver the ball with a ring inside. Positive atmosphere and communication with the wisest and amazing mammals will create an atmosphere of love and delight.

Any of these proposals in Dubai can be supplemented and made more effective especially that we organize weddings and celebrations in Dubai. Bright fireworks, dozens of cool and light roses, beautiful sound of musical instruments, photo and video shoot of the event - only a part of our almost unlimited possibilities. Most importantly is that we put our soul in every event and we believe that love rules the world. Be happy!