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What to see in Dubai

Dreamlike reality

Can you believe that in 16th century this ultra-modern shining megalopolis was no more than just a small fishing village? By 1910 the village grew up into a modest seaport. The starting point is 1971 when Dubai merged in the UAE. The history of this explosive development compressed into 40 years looks like a fairy-tale brought into life by an orient magician. Now we admire this one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A wave of a magic wand and a spell reveal an amazing city which is rightly recognized as a capital of wonders and surprising discoveries. Where else can one see the azure sea alongside the yellow desert land, breathtaking skyscrapers and lacy mosques as if from "The Thousand and One Nights”? The strictest rules of the Islamic world get along easily with cosmopolitan customs of the Globe, lacing with each other to create its own, unique melody called Dubai.

Famous fountain melody

The Dubai fountain is the first check mark in the tourist’s guidebook. You can find thousands of videos on the web, but the fascinating show strikes you ten times stronger. As soon as the darkness falls, at 6 p.m., the lights near the Dubai Mall go down and the subtle haze appears above the water surface. Thousands of people come to see cascade fountains stretching up to 270 meters, 150 meters high. Earthshaking mix of water flying upwards, bright spotlights and music around moves you deeply – this is one of the reasons to think about wedding organisation abroad.

Luxury atmosphere

The second check mark is the 163-storeyed Burj Khalifa, stratospheric because of its height and price. It was constructed by an American architect and required more than $4 billions. One must visit the sky deck on the 124th floor and the “Atmosphere” restaurant on the 123rd floor. From there you can admire animated vocal Dubai fountain and Dubai surroundings for many miles around. Get thrilled and let the inborn fear of heights surrender to iridescent metropolis panorama, vivid as the futurist’s canvas.

Burj Al Arab

It is the landmark of the UAE and the attribute of any picture from Dubai. The absolute luxury is a standard of the interior and the service. The guests are transferred here by helicopter or costly Rolls Royce. You get top service from the moment you come off the plane. The guests of the palace enjoy plenty of sports centers, swimming pools, private beaches, waterparks and restaurants. We can bet all of these are the best in the world. Your magnificent wedding will be incomparable if you say the most important words to each other at the Marina Garden and host your party at the Assawan Amphitheatre. When you choose a restaurant at Burj Al Arab please remember to reserve the table in advance! All what is needed to organise a wedding is to call wedding agency in Dubai, UAE.

The Palm Jumeirah

This manmade island, a nonofficial “The 8th Wonder of the World”, welcomes the guests in its hotels and villas around the year. Clearest waters of the Arabian Gulf, private beaches and swimming pools, irreproachable service, exquisite cuisine are the first things to mention by those who have been to this divine place. It is easily recognised, thanks to the Atlantis Hotel, magnificent complex comprising enormous and technically-advanced water park, gigantic aquariums and the dolphinarium where you can touch the dolphins and swim with them after the show. A dozen of restaurants and more than fifteen bars are ready to welcome you or to serve your wedding in Dubai right at the seaside.

World Islands in Dubai

It is another interesting project, an absolute must-see. Along with The Palm Deira and The Palm Jebel Ali, the islands, situated like the continents on the map, are ready to meet their guests. The large-scale projects that have been brought into life include not only 78 km of white sand beaches but also in theme amusement parks:
• The Atlantis;
• The Sea Village;
• Water Rides.

The gold of the Arab sheikhs

None of the world’s capitals can boast with such gold reserves as Dubai. Ritzy jewellery from most famous goldsmiths of the world is sold in unbelievable quantities. Where you can find it? At the heart of Deira lies the old area Al Ras. You will be fascinated by hundreds of shops and stores to fit every taste. Sharpen your skills of bargaining at the bazaar and be lucky to find the real masterpiece. If you are not planning to buy anything you can just admire the best creations of the jewellery fashion. Talking about the old souqs we can’t avoid the two most picturesque ones, spices souq and shawl souq. Scented spices of the premium quality and intricate patterns can give you real pleasure like jewels do!

The sweetest word «SALE»

The favourable terms for UAE vendors make The Dubai Mall and The Mall of the Emirates the best possible places for shopping and organising weddings and celebrations. The first mall is situated on the huge territory, and the private taxi will take you to whatever you like:
• More than 1200 shops;
• Ice rink;
• Enormous indoor aquarium;
• Playground;
• Cinemas, hotels, bars and restaurants.
Looking for bargain price? Welcome to the sales, fairs and exhibitions of all the global brands. The most tempting are winter months where along big sales shops raffle off big sums of money, valuable presents and shopping certificates. The Mall of the Emirates, besides great shopping, can offer you the mountain skiing complex Ski Dubai.

10 ideas for your entertainment

1. Sea fishing trip on the ultramodern fully equipped boat. Excitement, clearest sea, great catch, swimming and dinner.
2. Night market at Al Seef Street.
3. Night crabbing with a spear and a torch.Lots of fun and excitement, photoshoot, cooking show.
4. Flower park Miracle Garden with millions of bright flowers and green statues.
5. Helicopter trip above the city.
6. Ski slalom on the sand-dunes.
7. Visiting Dubai Historical Museum.
8. Walking around the Creek park.Lots of exotic plants and the cableway.
9. Visiting The Global Village – more than 33 pavilions of different countries at one shopping and entertainment site.
10. Diving with sharks.