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Sweets and guest compliments


Surprise for the guests and a symbol of family well-being, without which there is no wedding celebration - not just the first dance of the newlyweds. It is cake, created by your order. Once upon a time it was fragrant loaf and today confectioners create true works of art from a variety of components.

Classic and fashion

Wedding cake consisting of several tiers appeared in the early XIX century. Popularity was added from weddings of royal dynasties in the UK, photographs of which were flying all over the world. Classic tiered cake consists of several rounds of products (floors) connected to each other, united by a single design and colour. Each floor can be filled with completely different filling, but it is better not to use meringue and wafer sheets in the filling as while cutting the cake will crumble. Perfect recipe will be sponge cakes, light cream and fresh fruits. Incidentally, the number of "levels" is calculated from the total weight:

• 3 kg one to two tiers;
• 5 kg two to three tiers;
• 9 kg three to four tiers

Tiered cake with cupcakes became another common version - small biscuits with different fillings, decorated in the style of the wedding and the main cake. The latter is located on the top "floor" and cupcakes on the bottom. This is a great way out if you are worried that the guests will not be able to enjoy the cake after a long feast. While organising a wedding prepare in advance decorated boxes for cupcakes and at the end of the banquet give them to guests to share your happiness.

Figured cakes usually made in the form of hearts or wedding rings. They are easy to cut and can have any filling, without worrying about weight.
An important detail from professionals of our wedding agency: the wedding cake should be ordered at the rate of 150g per guest. If there is light buffet - about 200g per person.

Beauty of the cake

Decor of culinary products must conform to the style and theme of the wedding. Upper sweet glaze, plastic and silky, usually repeats coloristic of the wedding or stays snow-white. It is made from sugar, citric acid and water. The ingredients are mixed and cooked by a special recipe.

Cake can be decorated with:
- Marzipan figures of newlyweds;
- Pigeons or swans;
- Fresh flowers;
- Decorative butterfly;
- Desktop fireworks;
- Anything that your imagination can create.

Small nuance: sometimes one layer of the product, often lower, is fake, fraudulently made of plastic. Visually it is unnoticed, it looks exactly like real. It is done for beauty as high cakes look impressive, but the manufacturers have their own standard ratios of locating floors to weight.

Cutting the cake

One of the most beautiful part of wedding ceremony. After the cake is brought to you, the couple, holding hand in hand, cut the first slice, sometimes two with a beautiful large knife and treat each other. If there are not too many, no more than 20 guests, they can cut the cake in person and present to each guest with words of gratitude. In another case, the distribution is entrusted to the staff of the restaurant.
All guests will appreciate enchanting taste of your wedding!