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Wedding in focus

Choosing a professional photographer for your wedding can be even more difficult than choosing brides dress. It seems that this is not true? Yet, it is. You need not just a professional, but a person with good taste, subtle, intuitive flair for it to catch a fleeting smile, a look, a touch. Magical carpet of memories will be weaved from those memories, ready in twenty and fifty years later to take you back to your wedding day.

Portfolio does not solve everything

Indeed, to check several wedding stories performed by selected photographer is the first thing worth doing. Not only their electronic version, but also ask for Love Story on paper with size not smaller than 20x30cm to evaluate creative ideas. Often, perception of real pictures is different than on the screen. Rate your sense of what you saw. Delight, positive, indifference or rejection? In the latter two cases, find another photographer. Nuance: pay attention to his style of communication, whether it causes irritation. You will spend the whole of your best day in your life side by side with this person, open to him your relationship, devote to the script of the wedding and trust with story creation of start of a new family.

The next evaluation criteria is the price. Professional work cannot be cheap. Proposed amount sounds too high if it is divided by the number of hours, but it is not only for time spent on photo shooting. Long-term correction of images and their selection takes an enormous amount of working hours. There is a certain amount - at least 10% of the wedding budget is devoted to services of photographer. Arrange a luxury celebration and not to be able to keep it on the pictures that will delight you and your grandchildren for many years at least impractical.

Next, ask for professional advice, how many cameras they will use. You do not need to know the technical features of the latest technology - there should be two cameras. Assurances that one super reliable camera is excellent to deal with a few hours of shooting is a criminal presumption. Technology may not be aware of grandiose plans of its owner, different aspects of wedding organisation, and may say goodbye to you and your guests in the most inopportune moment. Shooting a wedding on cell phones, of course, a very creative solution, but it is better to try it another time.

A few tips from professionals

• Much has been written about the fact that we should not trust photo shooting to guests, even if they and you think it's a great idea. If any of them professionally engaged in photography, think if it's important to see them as a guest, sharing with you your celebration, because photographing is hard work, not allowing distraction even for a brief moment;

• If possible, make a trial photo shoot with selected professional, even the minimal and see the result;

• Talking about the professionalism of the photographer, do not imply age. Best pictures do not depend on it. Trust only your feelings and impressions of what you saw;

• If you invited more than 50 people to the wedding, you may want to have two photographers. Better from one agency and/or having the experience of shooting in a team. For example, one takes photo reportage, and the other - makes a portrait, staged photo shooting. Another way is one photographs guest and other the newlyweds and they change over time. Different vision, style and techniques allow you to create a broader picture of the wedding. The main thing is to coordinate their actions in advance and to assign responsibilities.

We hope that these tips have been helpful to you. Successful angles!