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The most unusual wedding

Wedding Celebration is conservative holiday and this did not change for several centuries. Bright wedding dress of charming bride, dark tuxedo of serious groom and luxurious limousine became recognizable attributes. Are you against the rules and thinking what to do on your wedding day? Then this article is for you!

Looking for themes

Themed weddings can be very different:

• Create your own Love Story and its continuation. Romantic dating history smoothly passing into the holiday for two among the narrow streets of Paris or at a ski resort. To create decor of stylish and cozy French cafes or alpine chalet is not easy, but the effect is awesome!
• Coloured wedding looks incredibly stylish. Usually one colour is selected, sometimes two contrasting create a common background of ceremony, repeating in decorations, bouquets, accessories, seating cards and invitation cards. Recent trends - mint, purple, orange and blue. Vivid emotions and colours will please you and invited guests.

• Fruit wedding. Here as a business card of celebration you can use scented yellow lemons, green apples and concise elegant tangerines and oranges. They can be used as a stand for the seating cards, decorate wedding arch, banquet hall, cake and decorate a print-image compliments and invitations for guests. But "tasty" theme will not be complete unless we remember about the coffee. Delicate beverage aroma, accessories of coffee colour, beans in decoration of candles, cards, gifts and desserts for guests will be in perfectly harmony with the azure sea.

• Back to the past! Take as a basis the era that you like the most. Sophisticated 20s of the last century or romantic 70s, jazz or rock and roll or maybe disco style? Take the most recognizable details of that time and create a wedding as if it descended from the pages of fashion magazine. Brides hairstyle, wedding dress, groom suit, banquet hall - like scenery of the old film. Wedding organisation and decoration: ElegantMoment! Do not forget to warn guests that they are participants of the show and should be dressed for celebration in fashionable dress code.

Camera, Action

Separate story - wedding theme, repeating scenes of famous movies. If you are fans of gangster westerns, pirate fighters, fiction sagas of alien worlds or popular musicals, you can recreate the scenario with the best moments from the movie. "The Fifth Element", "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Roman Holiday" can become a wedding scenario. Put film and fantasy together, because today you are the main characters of the celebration and the lead actors!

In short

In fact, there are as many themes and stories as there are weddings. Dreamy Asole will wait for the appearance of scarlet sails, gambling football fans would prefer the goal on the emerald field instead of wedding arch, fearless extreme fans will dive to a depth or jump with a parachute. If you are with us it is easy to make wedding a wonderful story about love. ElegantMoment wishes you a memorable celebration and happiness!