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Image of the bride and groom

Engagement ring

Journalists, as experienced people, unmistakably distinguish engagement ring from any other even from a distance. From the pages of glossy magazines, we see a larger picture of elegant, thin ring with a large clear stone on the hand of the girl who said "Yes, I will!" to the marriage proposal of her beloved. These tips are designed for those, who are thinking about wedding organisation and planning to make such proposal.

Ideal for perfection

Significant and serious gift for the one with whom you would like to spend the rest of your life is an engagement ring. Thin hoop made of white or yellow metal, decorated with a faceted diamond will take its place on the hand of a charming girl, expecting addition to it, a wedding ring. But that’s a different story. Let’s begin with a brief excursion into the world of diamonds. Professionals define their quality by four main parameters: cut, cleanliness of the stone, colour and weight, which is measured in carats.


1. Round shape - the most popular at the moment. Versatile and has a good play of light.
• Marquis - in the form of a rook, a circle with stretched edges. Ideal for long, thin fingers.
• Pear or drop. Visually pulls the shape of the finger.
• Heart - kind of pear, split from the center, a symbol of love.
• Oval - has the effect to look bigger than it actually is.

2. Square shape - due to the special cut has a lower play of light, but reflects it with wide, bright beams.

• Princess - a novelty in the world of jewellery fashion. It has many sparkling edges, reminiscent of round diamond edges. Such decoration sometimes is preceded by an Arab wedding in Dubai.
• Emerald - refined, clear octagon with "staggering" edges.
• Asher - kind of emerald-cut, more compressed toward the center. If emerald is closer to a rectangle, then Usher is closer to the square.
• Radiant differs by octagonal stone contour and often becomes a way of processing large stones, ensuring maximum shine.

3. Triangle. The form is created in the Dutch capital. Bright, spectacular stone with a lot of edges, unusual play of light and attractive design.

Colour and clarity

The most of mined diamonds are colourless. Only a very small percentage has a variety of colours - virtually the entire spectrum of the rainbow. In proportion to the rarity, their value grows. Depending on the size and cut, the addition of shade in stone the price varies greatly and starts from a few tens of thousands of dollars per piece.

Clarity of diamond is determined by inclusion of tiny specks in the stone.

How much does it weight?

Weight of the stone is measured in carats (ct), received its name from the seeds of carob tree. They served in ancient times as natural measure. One carat is 0.2 grams. It is interesting that the value of a diamond does not directly depend on the weight, this statement is completely true only for small, up to 0,29 ct diamonds. Larger stones are evaluated by colour and clarity and only then by weight, growing exponentially by Tavernie rule. However, it is worth noting that buying a good stone is a great investment and topical purchase at all times. Diamonds become increasingly rare minerals meaning that their value will only grow. Jewel can be put in yellow or white gold of high grade or elegant and solid platinum.

Argues about taste

Before you make a symbolic and significant purchase, after which you can think about where to hold the wedding, look at the jewellery of your beloved – which forms do you see the most, classic, vintage or trendy shapes? What colour of the metal she prefers? It is very important that an expensive gift blends perfectly with her jewellery in style and colour, because she will be wearing it for a long time. Regarding the stone - diamond is a classic but not necessarily an option, maybe your beloved prefers emeralds or sapphires, these are also fairly common stones for engagement rings. Lately it became popular to buy set of wedding and engagement rings when they fit and look perfect together in colour, shape and stones harmony. To make it easier to guess the shape and design you can print multiple photos of your sweetheart wearing different sets and take them to the store to choose the perfect engagement ring.

It is pretty easy to find out ring size - secretly or in the game try her ring on your finger and note the extent to which it is closely allotted. You can circle the inner diameter and put it on the paper, measure it with a ruler, push it into a piece of chewing gum or ask her close friend for help, making sure she will keep it quite.

All the efforts will pay off when you see the happy eyes of your beloved, receiving a marriage proposal.



Wedding Dress

Gentle, light, luxurious. Every woman has such a dream, probably since childhood. Surprisingly – some of them know exactly how it should look. You are not one of them? Then continue reading.

Geometry of forms

We will note immediately that the division by type of figure is somewhat conditional, so we will consider it as an auxiliary:

1. Triangle pointing upwards or a pear. Narrow shoulders and wide hips need a little "alignment". Add volume on top with the help of draperies, inserts of lace or small, elegant and light bolero. Belt or corset will emphasise the waist, from which there will be sloping and flowing skirt.

2. Rectangle. Here, depending on the proportions, soften the lines of the figure by layered skirts, V-shaped necklines and open back. Ideal dresses are with American armhole of A-Line.

3. Triangle pointing down. Worth to try dresses bustier and models with a low waistline. If you have a beautiful line of the hips, you can try on the model of "Mermaid", expanding from knees.

4. Hourglass. Owners of this type of figure can afford any model. Dress in the style of "Empire" with a high waist is perfect for miniature girls, must have of the wedding fashion 2014.

The first dance of the newlyweds can adjust your choice. Waltz or slow composition will be wonderfully suited to the long skirt, but Latina or rock and roll will require more democratic lengths. If you want to wear classic dress to the floor with long end on official ceremony and at the banquet expecting dynamic rhythms, you should consider buying two dresses. Solution of the problem may be outfit-transformer, long skirt which can turn into an elegant mini with a flick of the wrist. You can find fashionable wedding dresses in our gallery.

Harmony of colour and form

When you get to wedding organisation abroad and choosing wedding dress, consider what merits of your figures you would like to emphasize. Look at your photos - in which dresses you look most advantageous? Recent trends in wedding fashion offer to bet on naturalness, emphasizing the natural beauty with natural and soft fabrics. The decor may be different - rhinestones of brilliant cut, luxurious lace, draperies, long ends, scarves and stoles, the combination of different textures and materials. Classic snow-white dress is still the favourite, but its warm shades: cream or ivory also look very elegant and attractive. Small nuance: when ordering bride's bouquet and boutonniere for the groom, show photo of selected wedding dress to florists so they can take it into account in preparation of composition style. Grooms shirt should not disrupt the harmony. Ideally it should be of the same colour with dress not to disturb the overall style. A bright sun and blue sea will only accentuate your perfect couple!