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For the bride

Wedding gift to future husband

Sometimes such an approach brings sincere bewilderment: why make a wedding gift by the bride to the groom? Sometimes – pretty flirting of beautiful halves: "The best gift - it's me". Here they are right, it is indeed the best.

Ray of light

You can emphasize the most remarkable qualities and to surprise future husband in a good way by pre-wedding photo shoot, part of the celebration organisation. But Bridal Boudoir photography is not easy. Boudoir, translated from French - ladies' apartments, something between a bedroom, dressing room and private office. Private photos created just for him have a refined tenderness. Lacy lingerie, silk sheets, pastel halftones as luxury frame for glorious women. Every man will appreciate such a personal gift!

For a girl, such photo shoot will be a perfect rehearsal of wedding day. You can try to play with lighting, try a few makeup choices, to see how modern jewellery will look on the photos. On the contrary you can try to experiment with image...

It is not a gift what is important

If you like the idea of a wedding gift, but photo shoot for some reason does not fit, you can use the more traditional choices of gifts:

• Monogramming and engraving. Fashion keeps them on for more than one hundred years. Texts , symbols and signs can decorate a variety of things, icons for the groom;
• Learn and perform song or dance especially for beloved. This option is quite common, but very effective;
• Create a web-site dedicated just for him. Collect favourite photos, videos, music and various links to information on topics that are of interest to him.

In fact, all points of view on the pre-wedding gifts for the groom are right. Quite frankly, he will be very happy to receive your amazing photos, the finest silk robe with monogram and just you - the most charming and unique wife!