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Role of decor and flowers at your wedding

Floral Celebration with Wedding Decorations Dubai

The ceremony can be compared to an orchestra playing gentle jazz rhythms. The main melody line usually is amazingly beautiful and predictable. Luxury white bridal dress, elegant groom suit and luxurious limo are like a primary violin, playing a leading part, but this is not everything for the wedding. But there is something that specifies the style and sensuality of the marriage ceremony that creates a special mood for all guests gathered. Elusive, subtle sounds of a magical tool, whose name is decor which creates an aura of love and harmony. ElegantMoment offers you high-quality services for wedding decorations in Dubai                                                            

Beauty in everything

Wedding decoration in Dubai and in the world with flowers is a centuries-old tradition carefully handed from generation to generation. Florists and designers determine the fashionable trends of today as the unity of the festive space, comprising

  • Bridal bouquet and flowers in her hair.
  • Groom's boutonniere.
  • Car decoration.
  • Compositions of fresh flowers on banquet tables.
  • Compliments to guests.

Flowers in your chosen style perfectly complement and multiply the charm of a perfect holiday. Muted pastel shades will highlight weddings romantic style; a combination of white and green - for the classic ceremonies; a riot of bright colors - for passionate, temperamental natures; perfectly matched mono (mint, purple, yellow ) for lovers of style and new sensations.                

Art of Wedding Decoration Dubai

Whichever option you choose, it all starts with the wedding dress. Bouquet, decoration in bride’s hair and boutonniere are chosen in style with the dress. Next is the design of flower arrangements and ribbons for cars, banquet hall and tables. Seating cards for guests, candles and napkin rings can be decorated by exquisite small florets, securing those using special clips or gorgeous ribbons and lace. The luxury of wedding decorations Dubai lies precisely in such little things that will look like faceted gems in the frame of your celebration on the photographs and videos. Rose leaves, tropical orchids, noble irises, magnificent royal gardenia and lily will provide decent sound duet with your loved ones. Depending on the planned budget, you can pick up various options of floral arrangements, add creative solutions of their location and add originality inherent only to your couple, and maybe someone will take note of interesting ideas for their future weddings. Our agency will help in the selection of flower arrangement. Let your union be happy and harmonious!                   

It is not an easy task for the bride to choose a bouquet

Floral artwork, bouquet - flowers, beads, seashells and feathers play in it, emphasizing the dress and beauty of the bride. How to choose it if you have a wedding by the sea so it becomes a tune dedicated only to you? Please read our article!

Height and weight

These are the important parameters for the proper bridal bouquet:

  • small and elegant bouquet in the form of a sphere, hemisphere, "drop" or "coupling" will suite miniature, delicate lady.
  •  Tall and slim bride can emphasize her charm with "waterfall" and "cascade" forms.
  •  Charm can be added to curvy forms with lush bouquets of medium (not small) size with falling, "pulling" silhouette or strict "rod".
  • Have a look at the bouquets of our brides. You might like one of the styles.

Dress alternative - pantsuit

Let’s continue our survey on your attire for the best wedding:

  • We should take cascading, volumetric bouquets that will not get lost on the background of dress in a classic style, with a lush and long skirt on the "ring" or in "princess" style.
  • With a shift dress or long slinky dress without decorative details we can choose a neat little "drop" or "clutch" bouquet. In addition, here one perfect luxury or exotic flower composition on decorative branch will fit perfectly.
  • Pantsuit with look great with "rod", "cone" and the above-mentioned single compositions.

Sphere of roses and captivating lily

Most up to date bouquet forms:

  • a ball and the hemisphere, which may be loose or tight, consist of roses or other tightly fitting colors;
  • Deliberately simple bouquet, emphasizing unusual flower - lily, bellflower, chamomile.
  • Minimalistic - one luxury, huge flower or decorative branch, decorated with petals of different colors.
  • Cascading, lush and flowing top and tapering bottom, interspersed with beads and ribbons.
  • Clutch or basket, whose name speaks for it, they are kept on the wrist.
  • Rod and rigorous long bouquet in "retro" style.

What our bouquets are made of?

Today, flowers are not the only components in the bride's bouquet. Elegant alternative to them:

  • Seashells and starfish for a wedding in a marine theme.
  • Decorative elements of bright polymer clay for romantic persons.
  • Sparkling, bright brooches as an addition to the traditional bouquet.

Bouquets can be made of buttons, felt, feathers, Swarovski rhinestones, beads, dried flowers, Christmas decorations, pearls and butterflies. It is simply impossible to list all the options of unusual bridal bouquet and ideas of wedding organization. You can choose your own unique bouquet that matches your individuality and perfection!

Dubai: flowers fashion

Amazing work of florist. He, as a fashionable designer, must be constantly aware of the fashion rapidly changing its preferences. Even in the direction which remains traditional for many years. Wedding bouquet, boutonniere for the groom, elegant floral arrangements, decorating the ceremony and of course, the bride's bouquet – stylish and beautiful accessory.

Floristic and individuality novelty

Turning the glossy catalogs and gorgeous pictures on the internet - all not what you are looking for! You should choose your bouquet with a florist. At a personal meeting or online consultation, you should provide a photo of the dress, jewelry and accessories. Discuss the concept and plan of wedding arrangements, its basic colors and features:

  • The duration of the ceremony.
  • Duration of walks.
  • A place for the ceremony.

Gathering all together, we get the picture to which we will try different options for the bride's bouquet. Multicolored bouquet of contrasting tones or monochrome version will fit the cold, crystal-white dress suit. Dress of ivory color, champagne or cream will not tolerate soft pink tones, turning them into a featureless gray. So, step by step, masterpiece that will be featured in the photo and video is created. Leave thinking to the florist and see what capricious fashion dictates this year.

Field and garden - actual tandem

Roses are no longer classic of the bridal bouquet. They are always solemn and magnificent, but fashion houses offer their vision this season.  An exclusive accessory that will be copied by passers and girlfriends - a mixture of magnificent garden flowers interspersed with meadow varieties and ornamental shrubs. Gentle peony or peony rose is still one of the favorites with amazing property to go perfectly with many flowers:

  • Ornithogalum with exquisite "bells".
  • Astilbe with lush whisk.
  • Bruno with elastic spherical inflorescences.
  • Ranunkulyusom with bright roses.

The whole palette of inviting colors and cool textures will be ideal for your wedding ceremony by the sea, but there is another fashionable thing.

Oh, what a Beautiful Bouquet!

The lower part of the bouquet - stem is a dream of luxury and almost comes to the fore. Elegant lace, gorgeous brooches, decorative beads and thin ribbon decorate it with an emphasis on well-groomed bride fingers, holding the bouquet. The color scheme of the year: the orchid, cornflower, lavender and sapphire. Hopefully, these tips will help in creating a better bouquet for you and the wedding will be as beautiful as chosen!

Bottles with wishes

Book of Wishes is mandatory for any wedding, but how can you replace the standard book with a more original idea?  We offer "bottles with wishes!" Good and funny idea for your guests. They will leave wishes and lovely testimonials for you on small pieces of paper and will put them in a bottle which you'll open in one year on the anniversary.  The number of bottles depends on the number of guests, if the party is large, you can make a few bottles for 5-10 years. Order wedding decorations in Dubai today at “Elegant Moment” company, we will do our best to help you make your special day a fairy tale!