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Endless sands and wedding in Dubai

Wedding in the desert - thorns and heat?

United Arab Emirates, today especially Dubai - one of the most popular tourist destinations. Luxury hotels of megalopolis with the highest quality of service deserve glory of the best because they offer comfort and beauty of the eastern city, luxurious beaches and colouring of endless desert for wedding organisation. We want to tell you about one gorgeous resort, lost among the sands.

Secrets of Bedouins

What attracts famous people, who have millions in state, in the desert? Stunning waves of sand, merging horizon, string of camels at sunset? Certainly, as well as feeling of unity with the ancient forces, touching the secrets of ancestors and the music of sand that remains for a long time in the hearts of those who experienced the charm of freedom.
• Luxury of eastern comfort in every detail;
• Complete isolation from the outside world;
• Azure pools among sand;
• Coolness of chic rooms;
• Trapping birds, camels and Arabian horses.
Heart of Dubai desert invites guests for a romantic dinner or gala wedding day. Wedding in Arabic style will be stunningly beautiful within these walls. Add to this oriental dress code for guests, belly dance and dinner in the Arab tent. Here you can step back in spicy, golden Africa and arrange a celebration in Moroccan style. Body painting by natural henna, wide belts, large gold and silver jewellery, loose clothing - incredibly bright and magnificent sight.

An oasis for lovers

Car, gently humming, sneaking through the sand dunes. All around, as far as you can see - sand. Suddenly a Bedouin settlement appears in front of you, which on closer inspection turns out to be a paradise resort. The contrast between the lifeless desert and lush garden with clear pools is so large that it is difficult to believe your eyes. There is only silence and gentle birdsong around you, after unusual noise of the modern megalopolis. Romantic date or marriage proposal made here will be a beautiful legend, told by your kids to little grandchildren. We will help you to organise a wedding celebration or an evening reception at your chosen style, will arrange flowers and accessories that enhance the charm of the bride and elegance of the groom. ElegantMoment – wedding organisation, please see testimonials about us here. Immerse yourself in the ocean of pleasures and sea of Arabian hospitality in the desert of Dubai!