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Wedding cake

It is virtually impossible to imagine a celebration without a beautiful wedding cake. Most brides want their table to be decorated with a multilevel piece of culinary art. It should please the eye before it is cut, and after it is served it must present a burst of flavor.

A tailor-made cake will fit perfectly even for a theme wedding. White cream and mastic flowers; shapes on the upper level; beautiful inscriptions; decorative butterflies or fresh flowers - an experienced pastry chef can offer all of this and much more. The most important thing is to decide what is it that you would like to see.

Our agency can recommend ideas for creating chic wedding cakes. We will take into account the theme of the celebration, your interests and preferences. As a result, a beautiful and incredibly delicious cake will be placed on the festive table. You will still want to eat it even after a long and extensive feast.

Classic ideas for wedding cakes

Surprise your guests not with a simple single-layer wedding cake, but with a unique creation of an experienced chef. A colorful decoration, edible shapes, and flowers, several layers connected to each other with delicious columns. Pastry chefs can make all your wishes come true. All you need to do is define the overall idea and a theme for a wedding

Do you prefer to stick to classic design? Then you will love:

  • simple forms. Square and round cakes, with several layers. They fit great for decorating with edible flowers and ribbons. It is easy to cut them into pieces. A large size allows you to treat even a hundred guests;
  • decoration with flowers, butterflies, and birds. Classic wedding symbols will never lose their relevance. They will fit well into the ceremonial hall design and will add sweetness to the desert;
  • mastic ribbons and beads. All lines will become smooth and sleek. A cake will turn into a masterpiece and will attract attention. The mastic will deceive you into thinking that the entire surface is wrapped in the cloth made of air;
  • berries and fruits. Dubai's hot air makes you crave fresh strawberries, juicy apricots, peaches, and sweet pineapples. This cake will remind each guest of the fairy tales such as "One thousand and one nights", sultans and feasts with hundreds of exotics fruits.

We recommend a wedding cake with cupcakes with different fillings for the celebrations with lots of delicious dishes. Your guests who are already full will not be able to resist these small cupcakes, placed on multiple layers. No one will be left without desert at the end of the feast!

Themed cakes for your original wedding

Themed weddings are getting increasingly popular. Often couples are formed by the people with mutual interests. As an outcome, the entire celebration is themed after "Harry Potter," "Star Wars," "The Hobbit" or other favorite games, books or movies. The atmosphere of Dubai calls for the "Aladdin" themed wedding with the magic carpet, figures of the newlyweds as the main cartoon characters, bright ornaments, and Middle Eastern music. However, often times, dressing up in costumes and getting a monkey from Alladin will not do the trick. You deserve more than that.

For such cases, we offer original wedding cakes for the newlyweds.

The cakes can be made in line with the wedding theme. Our pastry chefs will take care of the treats down to every little detail. Depending on your wishes, you could decorate the table:

  • with a true work of art. Sophisticated oriental castle with sweet spires, "Death Star" with a beam of caramel, magic carpet, and Lago with biscuit filling. You might not even want to break such a beauty. But just imagine the unparalleled taste inside;
  • with a classic cake with original inscriptions. Imagine the wedding greetings or the newlywed names made of mastic or cream written in the fonts of "Harry Potter" or "The Lord of the Rings". The greetings will create the desired celebratory spirit for the admirers of the movie series.
  • with a multi-layered cake and themed figures. Boba Fett, as the groom, a female ELF resembling the bride on the top layer will make the dessert memorable. Enjoy your favorite characters together.

The options for decorating the cake are virtually infinite. Just share your wishes and ideas with us. An experienced pastry chef will bring them to life making sure that you are happy with the dessert at your remarkable wedding and that you fully immerse yourself into an atmosphere of the beloved world at least for a day.

Cake of any complexity at your wedding in Dubai

Our agency knows the best pastry chefs, who create not merely wedding cakes but delicious art works. We will order the best desert for you, taking into account your wishes, ideas, and the selected theme.

The pastry chefs that we work with can make a cake of any complexity. Simple, single-layer and complex multi-layer treats that could feed a hundred guests. Would you like your layers to be placed on top of each other or would you like to divide them with beautiful columns which you can eat afterwards? The pastry chefs will take all your wishes into account.

Delicious decorations make the cake more attractive adding more taste to it. Colorful paradise birds with biscuit filling. Flowers made of cream or mastic. Butterflies with chocolate wings. Delicious Middle Eastern tower. Even peacocks or swans that will decorate the pieces for the bride and groom.

Are you expecting many guests at your wedding? In this case, the best solution will be a cake with cupcakes in a unified style. Everyone can try the dessert, appreciate the hospitality of the newlyweds and the skills of pastry chefs. Even if he or she is already full after all the dishes.

We will create the perfect cake for you

Trust us. There is no more need to worry about your wedding cake. We will take care of all the troubles. Just tell us what you would like and how many guests you are expecting. We will provide you with the cake options and ways of serving them.

For those who value traditions and want to make a few relatives and guests happy they can treat the guests themselves with a piece of cake and thank them. Demonstrate your hospitality!

If there are many guests at your wedding the serving of the cake will be the task for the restaurant staff.  All the guests will be served by the trained waiters who will quickly put the pieces of desert on each table.

We will decorate your table with a delicious eye-catching cake making your wedding unforgettable. Appreciate the eastern charm and hospitality!