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Romantic dinner in Dubai: the eastern charm just for the two of you

Are you dating your dream girl? Or do you plan to surprise your better half after a few years of married life? Arrange a romantic dinner for two in Dubai! Our agency will organize everything at the highest level. While you relax, and enjoy the unforgettable emotions.

Would you like to enjoy the evening looking at the city views? We will book a comfortable table for the two of you in the best restaurants. Would you like to be closer to the sea and listen to the sound of the waves? We will create a romantic atmosphere with live music at the beach. Are you craving romantic adventure? We will find interesting entertainment to your taste from sky-diving to the magic underworld trips in one of the hotels.

Dubai is a unique place where eastern romance meets the abundance of opportunities of the contemporary world. Just think of how you want to surprise your soul mate and imagine a perfect evening together. Did you? We make even the most extraordinary dreams come true.

Endless opportunities for a romantic dinner in Dubai

The abundance of opportunities could confuse even the most sophisticated traveler and a romantic. Therefore, we will help you create the perfect script for the evening. Simply tell us what your couple is dreaming about. We immediately begin to generate interesting ideas, suggesting venues and events that will be appealing to you.

And now, without leaving your comfortable chair, imagine 5 options for a romantic dinner with your loved one in Dubai. Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the East and visit:

  • Sky Table restaurant. Just a few tables for three couples, pleasant background music and dishes made by the top chefs. Enjoy exotic fruit, taste elite champagne with bitter chocolate and appreciate the taste of medium-rare marble beef. And then look at the panoramic window. A spectacular view of the cityscape is revealed from the 30th floor. The perfect place for a leisurely dinner and a pleasant conversation;
  • the mysterious catacombs under the hotel Atlantis The Palm. Get ready for an exciting adventure. Go under the famous hotel together with your loved one. A network of passageways and tunnels will guide you through the mysterious halls. Design in the spirit of myths and legends of drowned Atlantis will help you immerse in a fairy tale where you'll be the main characters. And then go up and take a sit at your table. The dishes from the chef are already waiting for you there. The ideal scenario for the most courageous couples who want to experience a magical adventure that will last the entire night;
  • Talise Ottoman Spa. Experience the mystery of Oriental Spa treatments for two. Unwind, while the professionals prepare your body for a bath with rose petals. Then enjoy a relaxing massage, after which the only thing you'd want to do is to lay down in bed with your better half. But do not rush! There is still a light snack waiting for you: fresh strawberries and champagne in a recreation area;
  • the beach. Leave the hotel. A limo is waiting for you right outside. Ten minutes later, the limo stops. You get out and find yourself in front of the tent surrounded with dozens of small candles. A lavish table is placed under a canopy. On it stand fresh dishes, the waiter quickly pours wine by the glass. After a filling dinner, fresh fruit and chilled desserts are waiting for you. Pleasant conversation will be supplemented by the sound of the waves and live music in the background;
  • away from the city bustle. And again a comfortable limo, taking you to the beach. But this time you get off at the pier. A yacht is already waiting for you, ready to sail into the sea. Come aboard and breathe fresh, salty air. Enjoy a few hours on the board of a modern vessel. We have already prepared lunch, where all dishes will satisfy your desires. Drinks are chilled and ready to be served. We invited musicians to make your trip more pleasant. They will play romantic tunes, creating the right mood. Look back to see the shoreline and the view of the city. Explore the eastern fairy-tale and feel the sense of unity with your loved one.

And these are just a few classic scenarios. The truth is we know how to organize a romantic dinner that you will remember for years to come. Just tell us your wishes! We will create a themed cake in the shape of your favorite character, a big heart or a magic castle. We'll lift you to the clouds in a big balloon. We'll arrange a unique journey into the heart of the desert, so you could sit together on the shore of green oasis.

Would you like the romantic dinner invitation to be unexpected for your better half? We can arrange that too! You will meet with our actors at a set time in Dubai. They will arrange a small performance and will lead you to a predefined location.

Share your wishes with us and we'll come up with an amazing script. We are sure you will be satisfied!

We'll arrange a romantic dinner of your dreams.

It might seem first that romantic dinner arrangements is a simple task. It is necessary to taking into account every little detail, make sure everything is perfect, magical and breathtaking.  Coming up with a unique script and making it work is not a job for everyone. But it is our job!

And here are 4 secrets of our professionalism:

  • We are constantly working on new scripts. Some of our clients desire a classic romantic dinner in a great venue, and we find the best place according to their tastes and requirements. But often we are faced with non-trivial tasks. To fulfill these tasks, we create unique scenarios, including sky-dive, off-road trips, scuba diving, yacht, and hot air balloon trips. We create the adventure just for you, closing it with a delightful dinner in a romantic atmosphere;
  • We are always looking for something new in Dubai. Life never stops in this city. New places constantly open up, new kinds of entertainment are created, and we are among the first to learn about them. We test all the new launches and then begin to incorporate them into our scripts. We do all this to ensure that you spend a truly unique and interesting evening;
  • We know the best professionals. Would you like to experience an explosion of taste? We will find a restaurant with the best chef for you. Are you ready for an incredible journey through the desert? We'll work with local nomads and the Safari organizers. Would you like to hear real eastern music? The best performers are already standing next to your table. We can find virtually anyone for our clients;
  • We are always nearby. Romantic dinner in Dubai will go exactly as planned with us. Our staff is always nearby to fix even the slightest mistake before you even notice. Just enjoy your perfect evening and do not worry about anything else.

Are you ready to surprise your soul mate and give her the unforgettable experience? In this case, we are waiting for you! Our employees are already producing dozens of potential scenarios, to offer you the best evening for two.

It is absolutely no coincidence that most vivid feelings and emotions are associated with the sea:

  • Sea of Love.
  • Ocean of tenderness.
  • Waterfall of passion.
  • Wave of sensations.
  • The depth of relations.

You can continue indefinitely, especially when it comes to a wedding in Dubai or a secluded date. Such warm associations clear as seawater and connected with the sea were always there at all times. Words of love spoken on the seashore, acquire a special meaning. That is why Dubai romantic dinner is among the most popular services, offered by our company.

Dubai Romantic Dinner

Lovely Proposal

Just imagine for a moment romantic dinner in Dubai: beach with warm, white sand and calm surf, which are the only witnesses to a marriage proposal, table with elegant serving for two, candle flames and gentle sound of violin, all this creates a feeling of unreality fabulously beautiful Dubai is glad to show you!

A Different Feel with a Romantic Dinner in Dubai

It is not only about marine – it is a luxury in all of its forms. Luxury hotels, combining innovative technologies and snow-white gold eastern luxury will gladly open their doors for beloved. Night panorama of Dubai is amazing and unique. You will want to look at it endlessly as a flame of fire. Admiring eyes of a loved one will make the heart beat faster. It does not matter whether it is one, five or ten years wedding anniversary was the reason for the surprise. The important thing is that Dubai romantic dinner is always manageable! A warm night in the lights of the city, a secluded table, passionate guitar or flute as an accompaniment to your words, to the tune of love.

Romantic Dinner in Dubai

The Elegant Moment

In fact, we, as an experienced wedding planner, can offer completely unusual ideas for a romantic dinner in Dubai. We like to create a fairy tale and implement it for you - come up with a cute unexpected amenities and book the best restaurants with the most exquisite and delicious dishes. It's like a compilation of eastern mosaic – every time we put together a picture of your romantic dinner step by step with a unique delightful pattern. It can include awesome car, scarlet sunset, armfuls of flowers, candles, musicians and a presidential suite. Should we put together the mosaic of your love?