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The wedding officiant sets the tone of the entire celebration. The success of a wedding and the mood of the guests all depends on the professional skills of the officiant and their ability to manage the wedding guests. It is essential that the officiant be of like mind with the wedding couple. The officiant must be able to offer original ideas and suggestions and put the couple at their ease. They must be expert improvisers, effortlessly transforming any unexpected situation into a highlight of the celebrations. Trust the officiant with your story of love and they will sculpt from it an exceptional wedding ceremony script. Share your dreams and fantasize about your perfect wedding together!

We have a great selection of professional officiants and DJs who work harmoniously both as a pair and together with other musicians, creating a unified, themed celebration. Our team can carry out an event in Russian, English and Arabic languages. Do you wish to hold an international symbolic wedding ceremony in the UAE? Dubbing in two languages will enable both parties and their guests to understand what the officiant and the DJ are saying. We bring world religions and cultures together thanks to the skills of our DJs and officiants of different nationalities, Arab, Russian and Indian, as well as our English-speaking event professionals. Our event professionals are experienced in running wedding ceremonies working alongside officiants and musicians. Their experience and expertise guarantees smooth coordination between everyone responsible for creating your ideal wedding.

We are happy to organize for you DJ and MC of different nationalities, taking into account your culture and traditions, music preferences and style of event.