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Marriage proposal in Dubai by Marry Me - oriental charm and modern entertain

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Excite your girlfriend and future wife with an unusual proposal in Dubai. Many couples that have been in dating for a while, want one of the most important events in their relationship to leave bright, colorful memories, just like a real fairy tale. Surprise your better half with an original marriage proposal in Dubai. This lovely city, full of oriental charm, will be the perfect fit for your proposal!

Our agency will help you make this event unique and memorable. We will develop a script, taking into account all your wishes and preferences, to make sure that you hear: "Yes, I will!".

Warm climate, beautiful sea and lots of places for the perfect proposal

A marriage proposal in the U.A.E. will definitely be remembered by your better half. And the perfect place for the proposal is Dubai. Warm weather reigns here all year round, the azure sea invites for a swim and a sail on a yacht. Diverse nightlife, cafes, restaurants, water parks will keep you entertained.

A unique romantic atmosphere is created by the combination of the classic, charming east and colorful modernity. White mosque domes and smooth sandy shore outlines adjoined by huge skyscrapers of unusual shapes and expensive cars are available to all guests.

Where to propose in Dubai - memorable romantic places and adventures

Our agency will help you find places where you can propose to a girl in Dubai, taking into account all your wishes and desires. Would you like to feel all the charm of this romantic moment without leaving your home? Then just imagine yourself making a proposal to your loved one:

  • on the highest observation deck. Go up to the cocktail bar on the 148th-floor of Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa boasts a superb view of the boundless desert, crystal clear waters of the Persian Gulf and the city with its unique architecture spread out below. Feel this magical beauty. And now imagine yourself proposing to your girl;
  • surrounded by unusual marine animals. Visit The Lost Chambers Water Park, with more than 65 000 marine animals. The play of light, passing through thick glass walls and a huge water layer, on the classic Arabic tile decoration, creates a unique romantic atmosphere. Your proposal will be witnessed by beautiful fish, the mighty sharks and graceful stingrays. The atmosphere commands her to tell you "I will";
  • over the desert. Take a trip in a hot air balloon. This is the most romantic adventure that one could think of. From a bird's-eye view, you will see the endless sand dunes, with occasional emerald green oases. Golden reflections from the sunset or sunrise rays create the desired romantic atmosphere. Now it's time to propose to a girl and stun her with the charm of U.A.E's natural beauty;
  • in the desert. Imagine a high-speed trip in the sand dunes. Endless dunes are stretched around, and local nomads are waiting for you ahead. They will give you a powerful and graceful camel.  Like the old tale, he will lead you to the nearest oasis. Surrounded by blossoming plants and emerald greenery, you have an opportunity to make perhaps the most beautiful proposal in Dubai;
  • on the sea. A true classic, the azure waters of the Persian Gulf is probably the best place to propose to your loved one. Sail on the yacht accompanied with live music, enjoying the water views and the distant metropolis. Delicious dishes and a decorated table set as you desire will take care of the atmosphere. Or you could sit on the beach, right at the water's edge. We'll take care of the arrangements for delicious exotic dishes, live music, and beautiful table setting. While you relax, and enjoy the romantic atmosphere. Rest assured, your loved one will be permeated by the captivating spirit of the East and will be delighted by the unusual proposal.

Our agency is not limited to classical scenarios. Simply tell us what your couple is dreaming about. We will arrange a parachute jump, swimming with dolphins, or an entire performance with dancers and actors. Our experts know everything that the United Arab Emirates can offer guests.

5 reasons to trust us

Opportunities available to the U.A.E. guests are virtually infinite. Here you may find anything that you wished for. Expensive cars, camel riding, skydiving, subdividing to the bottom of the clear sea, night clubs, and fine restaurants. Many other types of entertainment for any taste are at the disposal of our guests.

Our experts will give you tips on where to propose to your girlfriend in Dubai, and how to organize this memorable event. We have already attracted many clients because we:

  • know the country. We have been living in U.A.E for a long time now and know all the traditions and peculiarities of the country. And we take this into account when we organize romantic events. All you will get is pleasure without ever encountering any problems due to strict morals of the local population and authorities;
  • know the best places. We have researched all the local entertainment, clubs, restaurants, sailing in the sea and walks in the desert. And we picked the best. Your romantic adventure will be impeccable. All hot air balloons are ready for take-off, yachts are ready to sail, and camels are ready for long trips;
  • know how to surprise. The classic scenarios are only a small part of what we have to offer. Just share your wishes with us. We will do anything to find the perfect adventure that will fit your interests.  Surprise your soul mate and be surprised yourself;
  • We offer comprehensive services. We will do whatever is required to organize the perfect marriage proposal. We will arrange a ride in a hot air balloon or a yacht, find actors for a small performance, provide high-quality live music and much more. You don't have to worry about the details;
  • We will take care of everything for you. Don't waste your precious time, trust the professionals. Just contact us, we will create a script and find everything for a flawless execution. It doesn't matter whether you live in the U.A.E. or in another country, we will take care of all organizational chores. We will pick the best nomads with well-mannered camels, find safari tours with comfortable cars, provide the most comfortable yacht, and much more. We can manage the most non-trivial tasks.

Are you ready to make your soul mate happy? Just contact us and we will arrange the best marriage proposal. We will develop a script, find the performers, prepare everything for the perfect romantic day in the heart of Eastern romance. We are absolutely sure that after such an adventure you're sure to hear a cherished "Yes"!


You have probably read a few dozen ways to make a marriage proposal to your girlfriend, thanks to Internet access. Some made you laugh, some good pieces of advice may have shocked you and a few were not entirely original. Some of them seems quite worthy for your girlfriend when she will become the grandmother of your grandchildren, to tell them proudly about the way how grandfather proposed to her. This topic can be endlessly continued, but our agency would like to offer our version - we have individual scenario development, which is focused on your couple only and preferences of the one who will surely say "Yes, I will!”. This scenario includes a chain of pleasant events which will take you to the eastern fairy tale with the heady scent of the salty sea, fragrant flowers, and sweet fruits. It's really luxurious! For those who are interested we offer the following options for marriage proposal in Dubai

1. Up in the sky! Extreme version: invite your girlfriend to jump with a parachute and at the moment of free fall you show her a poster with the proposal. You can also pose in flight on camera with poster and your girlfriend waiting for you on the ground, receives a photo with treasured caption. Box with a ring should be taken with you to complete proposal effectively after landing. Following her agreement, we will be happy to organize a wedding in Dubai for you.

2. While in Dubai, you cannot miss a trip on a snow-white, comfortable yacht. A table for two and flowers decoration should be booked in advance, but do not disclose your card immediately. After enjoying the sea and panoramic views of the megalopolis, go into the living room. Further developments may differ. Live music and ring in a glass of champagne or sounds of the sea and the classic box - it is your decision

3. Continuing the marine theme, you can make the proposal in Dubai on the beach, at the edge of the turquoise clear water. Create a mystery - send a luxury car that will take her on a night tour, the most romantic in her life. Decorated table, the sound of musical instruments and sound of the sea will be elegant and worthy background to the words: "will you marry me?"

4. Romance of the Desert. Go to safari in the desert. Exciting race through the dunes will take you to Bedouins, who will happily provide a beautiful white purebred camel and you can say the most important words on the yellow sand.

5. Flash mob, a very effective way to make a proposal in Dubai, especially when it is not expected. For example, make staging dance with a group of dancers in a snow-white lobby of the hotel at the end of which you fall on one knee with flashes of cameras and open the box with a ring. Dance flash mob at the edge of water turns spectacular: by the sea or fountain. You can sing a song in the bar from the stage to the accompaniment of a guitar or piano, completing with proposal to marry you.

6. Swimming with dolphins. You can go for a swim with dolphins and ask the trainer in charge to make one of the dolphins deliver the ball with a ring inside. Positive atmosphere and communication with the wisest and amazing mammals will create an atmosphere of love and delight.

Any of these proposals in Dubai can be supplemented and made more effective especially that we organize weddings and celebrations in Dubai. Bright fireworks, dozens of cool and light roses, beautiful sound of musical instruments, photo and video shoot of the event - only a part of our almost unlimited possibilities. Most importantly is that we put our soul in every event and we believe that love rules the world. Be happy!