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Blessing ceremony

The days when a boring woman in uniform velvet dress congratulated the newly-weds in a mechanical voice are long gone! Registering a marriage today is nothing like what it was in the Registry Office of the previous century. The symbolic wedding ceremony is a delightful, stylish event. You might want to have no-limits fun, go jeeping in the desert, take a trip in a hot-air balloon or take an elegant walk along the beach. You can also choose the registrar for your ceremony, be it a representative of a particular religion, a friend or relative. You also get to choose the ceremony style; you might want the officiant to be a stand-up comic or would a romantic saga be more your style? Add a little aromatic spice to the cocktail of love! You relax while we create a luxurious decor from delicate flowers and ethereal textiles. The scene will be filled with lovely accessories, colorful candles, lace parasols and transparent glass...

These minutes will last with you for many years to come and your wedding guests will be delightfully immersed in an atmosphere of love and serenity. A wedding for two is incredibly romantic. Professionally processed photographs will convey a full range of emotions and hues to those who will later admire them. Another advantage of a symbolic ceremony is that you can hold a photoshoot with everyone who wants to take part without having to rush. Your wedding will be a fabulous event!

Whether you’re looking to negotiate the obstacle course that is wedding planning for your blessing ceremony in Dubai, or have been invited to become part of a wedding party, ElegantMoment is here to make your wish come true. We will help you from start to end to make your blessing ceremony in Dubai an unforgettable day for you.

Dubai is a fabulous place to get married with its golden sandy beaches, blue skies, luxurious hotels and almost 365 days a year sunshine! The wedding season runs from September to May as it can get a bit too hot during the summer for an outdoor wedding - although people do still get married during this time.

How to get married in Dubai

Expats or visitors who intend to have their blessing ceremony in Dubai can also get married in a church, before they have a blessing at their venue of choice. The alternative could be to get married in a registry office outside of the UAE, before having the blessing ceremony in Dubai.

However, given that a couples share similar qualities of warmth, wit and humor, it is with confidence that we prepare their wedding. Gone are the days of overly staid, pompous wedding ceremonies. Generation Y couples are taking the stage now – they are modern-day, willing to break fresh ground and love being unique. They also love wedding ceremonies that are meaningful without being overly sentimental.

Please feel free to contact us and we, ElegantMoment, will make a personal introduction and you won’t be disappointed.