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Baby Shower is a lovely celebration for a mother-to-be

The birth of a child is one of the most important events in the life of any family. Preparation for this event requires much effort and energy. It can be truly exhausting not leaving any room for positive emotions. It's time to fix that with the Baby Shower and help a future mother.

Baby Shower is a celebration where everyone has an opportunity to say a few warm words to a mother and give her lots of useful children's accessories and clothes. No need to call up numerous friends and relatives telling what kind of present you would like. Just make a list so that the guests would distribute it among them.

Our agency can help you organize your future mom celebration in Dubai and it will surely be remembered by everyone. Have you been living in U.A.E but still unaware of the best locations? In this case, we'll find the perfect restaurant, hotel or we'll set up a place on the beach with tents and treats. A mother-to-be will only have to come and enjoy the celebration in her honor.

Are you far away from Duba but you would really like to have this marvelous celebration here? Then simply let us arrange it for you! You will only have to tell us your ideas and preferences. We will come up with an interesting script, find the professionals and the venue. You will only have to come here and bring the expecting one along if you are planning to surprise.

The perfect Baby Shower party. How to create a great celebration

The celebration is for women only. Strictly female relatives and friends. There is no room for men here. The center of attention is a future mother. She will be provided we valuable advice, get moral support and presented with useful gifts.

We take into account5 important components to ensure that the celebration is impeccable:

  • venue. An upcoming birthday can be celebrated in the banquet hall of a hotel or a restaurant. The venue is decorated with the paper and wooden words, candles, garlands, ribbons, balloons. The colors can be picked based on the child's gender or depending on the mother's preferences. Often the celebration takes places on the beach. The sea air is good for the pregnant. In this case, we put a beautiful spacious tent with beautiful decorations. We can also offer you other Baby Shower options depending on your preferences;
  • the dishes. It all depends on the tastes and preferences of the guests and the mother. However, you are going to Dubai practically the very heart of the East. Fresh fruit, sweet desserts, ice cream, cupcakes, and cake will look great on the table. The table can be complemented with light snacks and various drinks: juices and tea for the future mother and wine with champagne for the guests. The menu is always set up taking into account the preferences of those who are invited. Therefore, both the meat lovers as well as diehard vegetarians will be happy.
  • the photoshoot. Pregnancy is coming to an end and many people would clearly want to take a theme photo. That is why we will help arrange the photo area and will hire an excellent photographer. A large selection of accessories will be available so you could take dozens of interesting photos. Everyone will have dozens of fun photos to remember this wonderful celebration;
  • games and contests. Time to entertain the mother and all the guests. We will organize fun activities to involve everyone invited. The activities will range from figuring who is on the baby pictures to drawing "free time" certificate from one of close girlfriends. Small prizes will remind the winners about the Baby Shower celebration for a long time.
  • giveaways. When everyone had plenty of fun, took memorable pictures and samples all the snacks it is time to give some useful present to a future mom. We will create popular cakes, cupcakes, and flowers made of diapers. Such a big gift will last long. The guests can purchase what the young mom needs the most: diapers, undershirts, toys and much more.

Each Baby Shower has its own individual script. You just need to share your ideas and the preferences of the future mom and the guests. We will create several exciting plans and come up with a venue for the event. You will only have to choose the best proposal!

We make Baby Shower useful: tips about gifts

This format celebration format for the pregnant is gaining popularity. It provides an opportunity to have fun and some good time for the moms while getting a bunch of useful gifts for the baby. And we know how to make sure that every guest presents only a useful gift.

Create cards for everyone invited. Write down what each guest has to buy.

  • something for bathing- towels, shampoos, thermometers, toys;
  • something for feeding-bottles, bibs, spoons, tableware;
  • something for childcare-wipes, oils, powder, cream;
  • something for the mother's convenience- baby monitor, various toys for the cradle, diapers.

Assign the cards randomly in advance. Each guest will know what to buy and the presents will be useful.

If there are parents with grown kids at the celebration, we can have an additional giveaway.  Just ask them to take the clothes that their kids have already grown out of. Thus, a future mom will be a proud owner of many coats, jackets, hats and other rather expensive and useful items.

We'll arrange the best Baby Shower for a future mother.

Do you live in Dubai or would you like to surprise a future mother by taking her to the very heart of the East? We will create an unforgettable celebration for you. Our agency is capable of surprising even the most demanding guests. The 3 main secrets of excellence help us achieve that:

  • We know where to arrange a celebration in Dubai. We are constantly looking for new venues which will be appreciated by future moms and guests. We have researched all the beaches, hotels, restaurants, and other establishments and now have formed an expert opinion. We've done all that to ensure that you get the best service and enjoy your time;
  • We know the best experts for the Baby Shower celebration. Do you need unique theme decorations? We know who can decorate the hall perfectly, even if you require a full-sized figure of a future mom along with her closest girlfriends. Would you like a three-layer castle shaped cake with cupcakes as little towers? We have a pastry chef, who could create even more complicated artworks.  Do you need an experienced host equipped with a few contests for the restless guests? We know whom to request, taking into account your interests and desires;
  • We are always with you. Would you like to know the status of the preparation? Or have you come up with a new idea about contests and dishes? Just give us a call! We are always available to answer your questions and to help make your Baby shower in Dubai even better. One of our staff members will also monitor the overall event. He would not allow even the most minor issues that could ruin such a wonderful day.

Arrange a wonderful holiday in Dubai for a future mom! She will remember the fun contests with friends for a long time. And the gifts for her would serve as a great aid in the first years of the child's life. Enjoy your time having entrusted the celebration arrangements to our agency. We will not let you down, and you know it!