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The role of music in weddings

Music is the life of a party, an event, or something as important as a wedding day. It is capable of setting up the mood and absolute atmosphere. Whatever theme is chosen by the couple for the big day, every type of music is available that is played at the right time. From the groom entering the venue to the bride stepping in with that wide smile on the face and loads of dreams for the upcoming life, music makes it all exciting to experience. Other than this, the after-vows music played is different than the one played in the beginning. All of this settled beforehand by the couple and event organizers.

If not, then there is a complete chaos on the special day of the couple which also does not give the right kind of feel of romance, hope, and pleasure. The role of music in weddings is supposed to be that of cake at a birthday party. There is supposedly no sense of happiness and merriment when there is no music at the wedding. This is why before hiring makeup/hair artists, photographers, and caterers etc., most of the couples decide their favorite music and DJ to be hired for the special day.

Another proof of music’s importance in a wedding is that it is the first ever way of celebrating the couple’s union is music that also ends with it at the party. From relatives to friends and immediate family members, everyone enjoys the music at the wedding, no matter which type. This is why there is no question of whether or not to keep a musical theme for the wedding as it will appear to be incomplete without it.

How to choose the right music for the wedding?

Here is a useful guide that helps in choosing the right music for your wedding day.

First things first, decide the theme of the event. Slow, hip hop, pop, or romantic, the songs and background music is selected according to the musical theme. This will help in maintaining a stability throughout the event that will also make it memorable.

  1. Decide the theme:

    There are some songs that never get too old. For instance, if you have a song in mind that you heard play in your parent’s wedding movie and it still sounds the same then it for sure can be added in the list of the favorite songs.

    1. Pick out all-time favorite songs:

      Does not matter if the song is old or new, it has to sound suitable for the wedding event. You cannot possibly play a breakup song at the wedding just because you like it or it is trending.

      1. Old or new, should suit the occasion:

        Make sure to listen to all the songs before the main event and try it with your partner for entry, dance, or any other part of the wedding series. This will guarantee a foolproof planning and flawless execution.

        Last but definitely not the least, hire a professional DJ who is well aware of the trending music and absolute songs for the whole day. This will also save you from stress and pressure of selecting songs that the audiences will surely like. 

        1. Try all the songs before the event:
          1. Hire a professional DJ: