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A brief summary of the wedding preparation requirements

When the wedding date comes near, it is very natural to panic. However, not remaining prepared for it in advance is another thing which is not suitable to happen. This is why when couples try to manage everything at the last moment without proper knowledge of certain things; it becomes difficult for them to handle the consequences. For this purpose, two things can be advised to the couple and their family members:

  1. To hire a professional planner who is held responsible for taking charge of the smallest of the wedding details.
  2. To prepare everything in advance to avoid inconvenience and confusions later on.

If you belong to the first category then everything remains in place until the wedding functions end on a happy note. Otherwise, if you like to be in the group of the second category then it’s better for you to note down a few things for a well-executed wedding event. Moreover, the idea of doing everything on your own is too conventional to be believed in that is also not adopted by couples in the recent times. Whereas hiring a professional expert for the same job is the best choice to make when you intend to enjoy your own wedding and remain carefree regarding the preparations etc.

Things to get done a week before the wedding

  • Repeatedly visit the venue or remain in touch with the authorities:

The venue is one of the biggest responsibilities in the wedding preparation list. Hence, make sure that it is fulfilled with utmost satisfaction otherwise all the frustrations and worries will be of no use on the main day.

  • Complete the paperwork in time:

The paperwork required for a wedding should be started just after the engagement happens. This is to make sure that if something takes time afterward then there is plenty of time left to wait for it.

  • Do not ignore the minor tasks:

The minor tasks such as writing the table tags or organizing goody bags for kids etc. should not be ignored as they happen to be one of the elements in making the wedding complete and wonderful.

  • Get the beauty appointments months before the wedding:

The appointments with the hair stylist and makeup artist etc. should be booked way before the wedding otherwise you might not be able to grab the desired wedding specialist.

  • Dress trial should be repeatedly done:

The wedding dresses should be repeatedly tried even one day before the wedding to remain sure about its fitting and other considerate aspects.

  • Check with the suppliers if they have any queries:

The suppliers for food, flowers, and decoration etc. should remain in touch on a regular basis to ask questions and also clarify the special instructions given by you.

  • Arrange representatives at the main entrance to guide the guests:

The guests should be well-attended at the wedding for which it is important to ask the representative appointed by the wedding planner to attentively stand at the entrance.