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Yacht trip

Eye-catching snow-white yachts, surfing transparent spaces of blue sea may well be your wedding fairy tale or its romantic component. For example, sea walk for two or with the best guests in the world. To make a marriage proposal in the middle of the bay which reflects the stars and gorgeous panorama of Dubai? Wonderful idea! Its implementation is professionally engaged by wedding agency, knowing exactly how to realize the wildest dreams.

No time to get bored

In addition to stunning views of the city and fun to ride on a modern yacht you will get:
• Exciting and fun fishing in the sea
• Swimming in surprisingly clear and warm sea water of scenic lagoon
• A delicious dinner or organisation of buffet for wedding from one of the best restaurants in Dubai
• Photo shoot which cannot be compared with any known glossy magazines
• Participation as the main characters in the fascinating movie "Our wedding in Dubai"
Yes, the program is big but it can be limited to two or three elements if you have a lot of other plans. Even by leaving one of them you will not be disappointed – trust us!

The main component

Of course, the beautiful snow-white yacht with professional team. So first of all it is necessary to determine the number of participants. Even a marriage proposal is not always done face to face and can be masqueraded as a noisy party with best friends and a surprise, but that's another story. Thus, the most miniature yacht can accommodate up to 8 people. As a rule, they are equipped with a cosy cabin with bathroom and kitchen facilities. We do not have to mention music system, satellite TV on huge plasma screens, equipment for successful fishing and fascinating snorkelling – all of this, of course, is present on any of the proposed yachts. Further, on a yacht with a capacity of up to 30 persons, other than the above, there is a barbecue area and dining area for guests. Comfortable sleeping cabins (2 to 4) have a full bathroom. The most popular yachts of Persian Gulf for 50-60 people have the same advantages for receiving guests for wedding in Dubai. Five-star hotel with restaurant awaiting you on the board. Its possibilities are endless as the sea. Plenty of multiple decks allow guests and the newlyweds to have fun and bright time. The price for the stay, entertainment, gourmet menu is quite comparable to banquet on land! You have ideas for wedding organisation, big plans and 100 or even 200 guests? Excellent, for you there are oriental luxury liners which are safe and equipped to the standard so that you can safely go on a tour around the world. Small nuance: before deciding it is worth to make a little test drive (or questionnaire) to ensure that no one has seasickness.

Amore mio or dress code for wedding on the yacht

Rules of experienced yachtsmen are simple and clear:
• Headdress is required, preferably with good sides
• Sunglasses
• Swimming accessories
You will not need shoes at all as you will leave them on the pier.
Now, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and the legendary Burj Al Arab overboard of snow-white yacht, easily convince that you were right and this celebration will be one of the best memories for those lucky enough to be there.